The Bachelorette – The Awkward Night

This is by far the most awkward introductory night on the Bachelorette, or Bachelor for that matter…also known as the Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever (MDRCE).  I love that the #BachelorBlackBox showed up in the first 30 minutes of the show (Josh – 27 – IL – Law Student/Stripper).  Shawn E. gets major props for the “car pool,” but his profession is laughable in the worst way possible.  Papa Bear, Chris Harrison, doesn’t mess around to help end some of the awkwardness by getting rid of the only guy to ever utter rape on The Bachelorette.  I think Ryan M. belongs on To Catch a Predator; thank God Chris Hansen, I mean Harrison, realized this fairly quickly.  I think any guy at the mansion that is there more for the open bar than for Britt or Kaitlyn should be tossed out.

Since this is a two night event, this blog will be on the shorter side, the real blog will be after tomorrow’s episode.

Upon first impression, I think most of the guys are too young.  However, I did not let their ages deter me from my favorite game (Who’s Lovechild Are They?!?) is below.

Brady = the lovechild of Jimmy Fallon & Daniel Craig & Clinton Kelly

Clint = the lovechild of Jake Pavelka & Chris Carmack

JJ = the lovechild of Luke Wilson & Joel from Parenthood

Shawn B = Ryan Gosling with Owen Wilson’s nose

I’ll leave you with a few little gems from Twitter:


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