The Bachelorette – Team Kaitlyn

Sorry I’m a little late on this blog, I was at a Bachelorette Party last night, but not #TheBachelorette party…see what I did there?

If I’m being perfectly honest, the first night (or nights in this case) of the Bachelorette are always super boring to me.  It’s like watching Speed Dating, & there are too many fellas for me to get invested in.  I’m glad the Rose Master (aka Chris Harrison) cut to the chase with Britt & booted her out painlessly…at least for the viewers; I would not be able to handle her Ugly Cry Face (UCF) for an entire season. However, since she is Vanessa Lachey’s long-lost twin, I hope she ends up with someone that looks just like Nick.  They’d always have a Halloween costume!  So it’s Team Kaitlyn for the win!  Chris should have been more excited for Kaitlyn.  I really hope Kaitlyn has a good season & doesn’t feel like Sloppy Seconds for half the guys.

On to the guys…Joshua makes my heart smile.  If Kaitlyn doesn’t want him I will happily uproot to Idaho.  #singlereandytomingle  Kupah, which I forgot he existed with only one name, looks just like LL Cool J.  I hope he constantly licks his lips.  Every time they show Shawn B, I’m constantly saying “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” in my head…Ryan Gosling all the way with Calvin Harris’ hair.  I’ve decided that Joe looks like the lovechild of Joel McHale & Jimmy Neutron.

All in all, the best part of this episode was the previews for the season.  I can’t wait for all the edited & Bachelor created DRAMA!

Favorite Tweets from last night below:

Tweets 1

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