The Bachelorette – Shirtless Date from Hell & Kupah is Krazy

OK, so there is a Tornado Warning here in The Woodlands, TX tonight.  During commercial breaks, I run to the bathroom & get in “tornado position.”  Adverse weather conditions can’t keep me from my shows & at least I add steps on my Fitbit!  You’re welcome.

I have to admit, I really hate this boxing group date.  I’m all about seeing the guys shirtless, but there are so many other date options that can exclude shirts…just sayin’.  They could have gone to one of the many beaches in LA & re-enacted Gidget; each of the guys could have been Moondoggie…hopefully not Big Kahuna. Jared has the weirdest body & facial hair; it was so distracting that I almost missed him giving Kupah the beatdown.  He has to have an Irish fighting gene, right?


Y’all, I seriously can’t even hear my TV over this storm right now…it is raging!

Clint got the first one-on-one date.  He didn’t seem to have much to say in the car; let’s hope this gets better.  The underwater photoshoot seems very ANTM & I like it; however, I coculd do without the Love Guru from last season & the gross heavy breathing.  Hard pass.  Clint’s toast was sweet – who knew he had a way with words after all?

Seriously, WTF is Brady wearing?  Is he wearing Britt’s yoga pants???

Next up, the comedy group date – I usually love these dates just for the awkwardness alone.  Amy Schumer is the perfect sidekick to Kaitlyn on this date.  She gives way better burns than I ever could.  Loving the Cupcake Dentist.  LOVING Amy’s burn of JJ to his face.  His charm has already worn off…sad face.  Oh, Ian.  LOVE Joshua – my favorite since night one!  Chris – now that is how you do a shirtless date!  Tony, is this your speech for the Women Tell All?  JJ – Douche Canoe.  Joe – I forgot about Joe.

Amy Schumer

This is me during every awkward moment of every episode of The Bachelorette, EVER.  This happened a lot while Tony was on stage.

Weather update: the drainage ditch around my house is now full – it has been less than an hour of rain.  YIKES!  The water is literally 8 feet from my house.  #prayfortexasyall  Coincidentally, I used my least favorite word in Bachelor History – literally.  However, I did use this is the correct context…take note Bachelors & Bachelorettes.

Wow, Kupah.  I have one word to go with your one name.  BYE!

Ugh, To Be Continued…the bane of my existence!!!

Tweets of the night:

Bachelorette - Week 2

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