The Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Got Her Field Plowed

All I have to say about Ian is ding-dong the prick is gone!  I think after this, Princeton may choose not to claim Ian as there own.  Love that Kaitlyn made The Kissing Bandit a thing…I want to be one of those too!

We once again had a rose ceremony near the beginning of the episode.  I honestly don’t remember who went home, mostly because I never bothered to learn their names to begin with.

Nick got the 1-on-1 date in Dublin.  They explored the city while Nick wore the tightest pants on Earth.  I’m surprised his legs could even move.  Kaitlyn & Nick encountered a random Lord of the Dance (I thought of Chandler Bing) show in the street & pigeons in the park while sucking face all over town.

A little video to remind you how Kaitlyn & I feel about birds. 😐

I think its safe to say that the pot of gold was in Kaitlyn’s mouth, & Nick was all too happy to find it.  They had dinner at Christ Church Cathedral, & God was none too please with all the hanky-panky going on.  Way to ruin another historical monument ABC.  To be honest, I mostly hid behind my remote during this date, I can only take so much making out & dry humping.  Their tonsil hockey literally made me & a ginger in Ireland puke.

Puking Ireland

In regards to Kaitlyn & Nick’s rendezvous, I think Kaitlyn did nothing wrong.  If Kaitlyn was a man, or THE BACHELOR, no one would have said a thing.  Sex & intimacy are a natural part of dating & this happens everyday in real life.  If Kaitlyn had slept with a different guy (I’m looking at you Shawn) it wouldn’t have been an issue.  The biggest problem I had was that they “forgot” to turn off their mics…my ears may never fully recover.  The “slut shaming” online really needs to stop.  I feel certain that just about every 30 year-old woman has slept with a guy they’re dating.  Kaitlyn said that Nick made her feel desirable, which is all any woman wants.

Ben H, Ben Z, Shawn, Chris, Jared, & Tanner got the group date, which was bizarre but at least Chris Harrison was back.


During this date the guys had to give Kaitlyn a eulogy while standing over her in the world’s smallest coffin.  Kaitlyn must be a pocket person.  Tanner (where did he come from?) was hilarious.  Shawn was snarky.  Ben Z was emotional & sweet.  Somehow Jared got the 1-on-1 portion of the date.  He & Kaitlyn got to attend an awkward concert, my biggest Bachelor/ette pet peeve, with The Cranberries.


Shawn was very insecure this episode, which I found to be such a huge turnoff.  😦

JJ& Joe got the 2-on-1 date, but we’ll have to wait to see that next week.  I assume they’ll actually get to them, but this Season’s schedule is so out of whack that I’m only 60% sure that we will even have another rose ceremony.

So what do y’all think about this season?  Would Britt have been a better Bachelorette?

My favorite Tweets of the night:

Tweets 06.22.15

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