The Bachelorette Recap: Man Tears & Lady Balls

Let’s just get into this shall we?  This episode was a f*cking mess & I have no idea what happened.  Shawn cried.  Kaitlyn cried.  Nick cried.  Benzie cried. Kaitlyn cried some more.  Cupcake boohoo’ed on a cliff.  So many tears, so little men, thus the title of this blog.

The episode started off with Kaitlyn going on a 2-on-1 date with JJ & Joe.  It was super short & boring, but JJ dropped the gem that he cheated on his wife 3 years ago.  Do the math poeple…married 3 years ago + 3 year old child = cheated on his pregnant wife!  Douche Canoe!  Luckily Joe got the rose on a very sketchy looking boat.

There is an unnecessary rose ceremony 47 minutes into the episode.  If you’re not Shawn or Nick, just pack you bags.  Kaitlyn sent Tanner (who?) & Ben Z home.  Hey Ben, I’m single & ready mingle!  Tanner, see you in #BachelorinParadise.

At this point I think Shawn or Nick need some more alone time with Kaitlyn & reassurances…blah, blah, blah.  Boring.  Messy.  Ugly crying.  Did I mention boring?


Kaitlyn & Jared (seriously what is wrong with his beard?!?) took a roadtrip to a castle in Killarney to kiss the Blarney rock, apparently it’s good luck.  The only interesting part of the date is when she tried to teach him how to drive a stick shift.

Shortly there after, Chris Harrison shows up at Kaitlyn’s hotel room.  Her greeting was, “What now?”  Haha.  They both chose to dance around the neon pink elephant in the room, but at least they finally agreed to get rid of almost all the guys not named Nick or Shawn.  They have decided to hold off on the hometown dates, which I whole-heartedly agree with.  The next rose ceremony will whittle the group down to 3 “men”.  Once it is down to 3, they will do the Fantasy Suite dates.  Down to 2, & then Kaitlyn will meet the final two’s families.

Fantasy Suites

We finally get a “normal” Bachelorette date with helicopters!  Chris (Cupcake) & Kaitlyn went on a picnic on the edge of a cliff where Kaitlyn promptly had a breakdown & ditched Cupcake.  In turn, he cried into his man scarf a little too close to the edge for some interns’ comfort level; she was braced to pull him back up if needed.

Looks like there will be many more tears next week.  If you are kinda over this season (as I am), you should definitely check out Lifetime’s unREALtv…it is awesome!!!

My favorite tweets from the night:

Tweets 06.29.15

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