A Who’s Who of Who is Who?

I don’t even know what to say or where to start on tonight’s Men Tell All.  I’m so excited that Chris Harrison has decided to show up & earn his paycheck.  I pretty much only recognized the front row of men.  The Bachelor in Paradise promos looked great & its going to be 2 nights this season!  Yea!!!

Overall, the Men Tell All was pretty boring.  I love that Tanner narrated this whole season & he narrated the Men Tell All as well.  Then some other guy (Corey) took over.

Corey Who

Ian did some bizarre apology on his knees.  Clint & JJ denied their love, but no one believed them.  Chris Harrison called out Jared’s weird patchy beard, thus he shaved!

Eventually we get to the Ben(s) in the Hot Seat.  My reaction is below.

Ben H

There seemed to be a lot of commercials during this episode…whah whah.

Kaitlyn came out & Ben & Jared had the best reactions.

Ben & Jared

Chris Harrison read some truly awful tweets the Kaitlyn received.  I can’t believe people can be so cruel.  Whatever happened to being respectful to all people because they are people?!?

My Favorite Tweets from the night:

Tweets 07.20.15

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