The Bachelorette Recap: Thank Gawd, It’s FINALLY Over!

I’m a little delayed…had to watch unREAL.  It is so good y’all!  Totally makes up for how lame this season of The Bachelorette was.

This was how I felt before the Finale started…I was a tad excited, but mostly because it means that we are that much closer to Bachelor in Paradise!

We started tonight’s Finale with Nick meeting Kaitlyn’s family & they did not hold back or disappoint.  Her sister Haley is amazing, but should really rethink her hair color choices.  Corella Deville called & she wants her skunk look back. Before Nick came over, Kaitlyn’s family was like, “Nick V?!? Ewww.”


Kaitlyn’s mom, Leslie (aka Marlo Thomas), was anti-Nick & called him on it.  “You’re arrogant.  Who are you?”  Hahaha!  By the end of their one-on-one, Leslie seemed to be on Team Nick.  Nick cried.  Leslie cried.  She gave him her blessing to propose.  Somehow, Nick manage to get coerce approval from K’s father to propose.

Next up is Shawn, & Haley didn’t want to like him but now she LOVES him.  I think she may steal him from K.  Momma Leslie love Shawn-i-poo too.  He is kinda boring & monotone while meeting the future in-laws, but he stepped up his game by asking both her parents for K’s hand together.

Nick & Kaitlyn had a lust-y time on a boat…Nick had roaming fingers.  He told her had a gift “in his room.”  Someone on twitter hilariously said it was a Dick in a Box!  I died!  Then on to the most awkward last date I’ve seen on The Bachelor Franchise.  What happened Shawn??? He did give her a “jar of crap us.”

In the worst kept secret on Earth, Kaitlyn chooses Shawn.  On AFTR, they seemed so incredilby happy & I am genuinely happy for K&S.  I hope they make it for the long haul.  Wowsa on that ring!  I typically hate all of the Neil lane rings, but I have to say that Shawn chose well.  Sparkly!

Can’t wait for Bachelor in Paradise.  I will be blogging that as well; it looks to be an entertaining season.

Favorite tweets from the night:

Tweets 07.27.15 - 1

Tweets 07.27.15 - 2

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