Bachelor in Paradise is BACK!!!

I’m so excited that Bachelor in Paradise (BiP) is back!  Here is the cast so far…

BiP Cast

Ok, so this is the first episode in, & the first one is always the boring one.  That being said, KardASHLEY has cried about a dozen times; Ashley Onion has gone to the ER, why did that get NO air time?  All the girls seem to be obsessed with Jared, which I don’t get at all.  Lauren wants to go home; Carly & Kirk will probably burst into song at any moment, Clare talks to a crab, & JJ has proven to be a douche canoe once again!

Ashley I. & Jared went on the first date, & after her dramatic build up to ask him out, it was a pretty boring date.  Jared seemed totally uninterested & still mourning Kaitlyn.  Jade took her 2nd choice, Tanner, on their date, which seemed to work out well for them.  They seem cute together.  Loving Carly & Kirk.  The best date was Ashley S. & Dan’s trip to the ER.  Hurricane Clare (yes, she still spells her name wrong) blows into Paradise, & Mikey inivited himself on a date with her…super awkward.  Tantric yoga with a meathead…yikes!!!

A few take-aways from this episode: Carly’s Eyebrows are crazy, Jonathan has had threesomes & virgins, KardASHLEY thinks she is Princess Jasmine, Ashley Onion actually seems normal, Clare’s hair is on point & her makeup is flawless.  Oh, & apparently Tenley is OLD; by the way, she is 31 same as me.  Let’s be old hags together!

Tweets from Sunday:

BiP Sunday 1

Tweets from Monday:

Bip Monday 1

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