Bachelor Recap Week 1: It’s Raining Ben – Hallelujah!

I’m running a 100.3 fever, have tissues sticking out of my nose, and my fever laden eyes are killing me.  I’m rallying to make it through the night for you, so I hope you enjoy!

Let’s get real – we have 86 Laurens, girls that spell their name wrong, farm animals, & a few crazies already.  We also have Becca & Amber – one of which Ben has no idea who she is (Amber).

Is it just me, or did all these women get their dresses from Rent the Runway?  As you already know, I hate the first night.  Too many women, not enough time; however, the previews look awesome.

Weird things I noticed: Ben kept calling the women “young ladies” & said “came” when he should have said “come.”

Here is a list of the women, which I will update each week.

Bachelor Ben's Ladies - Week 1














I think its safe to say that Lace will be the villain this season, & surprisingly Olivia will be too.  My favorite is Becca.

Favorite tweets of the night:

Tweets - Week 1













I promise the blogs will get better, but I’m going to take some medicine & go to bed.  Have a great week!

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