Bachelor Week 4: Olivia is starting to show her Lace.

We start this week’s episode with the women complaining about being exhausted…bitchiness & cocktails can tire a girl out.  This episode had the girls leaving the mansion & heading to Las Vegas, which is apparently the Wedding Capital of the World.  #FactCheck  The ladies go nuts over a marquee sign, which I think is a dime a dozen in Vegas, but whatevs.  Leah feels like a baller, not to be confused with a balla, in their Aria Suite.

JoJo got the first date this week.  Lucy Hale JoJo is super excited, meanwhile Olivia is zen with her stalker tendencies towards Ben.  He takes JoJo to have a celebratory glass of champs on the roof, which the girls can see from their suite.  A short while later, the helicopter from 50 Shade of Grey lands knocking over their table of champagne.  The chopper took them on a sky tour of Vegas, which was lame because it was during the day so they couldn’t even enjoy the neon lights!  I think this was the shortest date in Bachelor history, but they got some decent conversation in, JoJo got the rose, & there were fireworks.

Tweets from JoJo’s Date:

Tweets - Week 4 - Date 1

This week’s group date had Amber, Caila, Emily, Haley, Olivia, Lauren B., Lauren H., Rachel, Amanda, Jennifer, & Jubilee.  This group date was at some creepy ventriloquist’s show, where the girls ended up being his opening act.  Lauren H. hoped that nipple tassels wouldn’t be involved.

The twins did Lord of the Dance, Lauren H. was a chicken, Jubilee played the cello, & Olivia awkwardly jumped out of a wedding cake.  Couldn’t even tell you about the talents of the other women because they got no air time.  I think Ben was genuinely disgusted by Olivia; he watched her act like one watches a scary movie hiding behind his hands.  This prompted Olivia to have a “panic attack” in the Boyz II Men green room.

Lauren B. is the Jenn Schefft of this season, like Jenn was to Andrew Firestone’s season; she is so nice & complimentary of all the girls…she is a breath of fresh air in a Season of Crazy.  Of course Lauren B. got the group date rose.  Also, on this date Ben called Caila a sex panther…HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Is that enough to keep her around until the Fantasy Suite so he can really tell?

Tweets from the Group Date:

Tweets - Week 4 - Date 2

Becca got the third date of the week, which happened to be a 1 on 1.  A wedding dress was delivered to the Suite for her to wear on their date.  She put it on & looked GORGEOUS with hair & makeup just her normal everyday wear.  I’m so jealous of her beauty!  Jubilee proceeded to virgin shame Becca in her confessional.  One point removed from Jubilee’s scorecard.  Elvis picked Becca up in a pink Cadillac…again with these convertibles & the hair.  Ben asked Becca to marry other couples with him.  These couples clearly didn’t know their spouses…STRANGER DANGER!!!!  Both Ben & Becca were relieved not to be getting married on their first 1 on 1 date; however, I think they would be great together.  After the awkward weddings, Ben took Becca to a cool neon graveyard where signs go to die.  Becca got the rose.

Tweets from Becca’s date:

Tweets - Week 4 - Date 3

Ben decided to surprise everyone with a 2 on 1 date for the Twins!  I think this was a genius move by Ben.  He took Emily & Haley on a date to their home (yes they still live at home) where he met their Mom & puppies.  Ultimately, Emily went back to the hotel & Haley got the boot.

Tweets from the 2 on 1 date:

Tweets - Week 4 - Date 4

The cocktail party & rose ceremony were pretty uneventful.  Olivia got the final rose, & Ben seemed pretty tortured having to give it to her.

Tweets from the Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony:

Tweets - Week 4 - Rose Ceremony

I think tonight’s episode moved pretty quickly & we still got plenty of drama…the only reason Olivia is still around.  Her inner-Lace is seriously starting to show, but Lace did it better.  Looks like they’ll be in Mexico next week!

Women left:

Ben's Ladies - Week 4

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