Bachelor Recap Week 6: Pigs Everywhere!

I’m not going to lie.  This episode had some surprises, but overall was kinda boring to me & left me feeling a little let down.Tweets - Week 6 - Olivia Convo

We started the night off with Ben pulling Olivia aside to discuss her Jekyll & Hyde facade around the other women.  I think Olivia just blabbed long enough to exhaust Ben & he sent her back to the Cocktail Party.  Jennifer remember her was sent home.Tweets - Week 6 - rose Ceremony 1

We were left with:Ben's Ladies - Week 5

Caila received the first date card of the night, which thoroughly pissed off Leah.  In her defense Leah had had no 1-on-1 time thus far.  Ben took Caila deep sea fishing, although I’m not sure she knows the difference between real & reel.

During the conversation portion of the evening, Caila thoroughly confused everyone with her psycho babble about loving Ben, but not being ready to love Ben…I think?  I’m still confused!  Y’all, need I remind you that this is the girl who dumped a boyfriend that “fate brought to her” after seeing Ben on TV.  I wonder what would have happened to the fateful boyfriend had Kaitlyn chosen Ben?  I seriously thought Ben was going to send Caila home, but somehow he was turned on by his confusion.  I must study up on the ways of sex panthers! Tweets - Week 6 - Caila's date

The Group Date included: Becca, JoJo, Lauren B., Lauren H., Leah, & Amanda.  Leah was extremely irritated to be on this date.  I personally think this date looked so fun with the swimming pigs.  Y’all, I was laughing out loud so hard.  This date reminded me of being a kid & going to Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX.  They had a famous show called Ralph the Swimming Pig that involved swimming with mermaids, & we had to watch the show from a submarine!  I think Aquarena Springs & the Bahamas are tied in the pig category!

This date started out fun-ish, but there were too many girls that Ben had strong feelings for (Amanda, Lauren B., Becca) on it.  It became obvious that this was Ben & Lauren B.’s date with an audience of 5 (very reminiscent of Brad Womack & Emily), which further infuriated Leah.  I will give props to Ben for realizing that the date was super awkward, super fast.

Somewhere amidst the pigs & screeching, Leah became Olivia’s rival in the villain category.  Do you think Olivia & Leah were friends in the house?  Basically, Leah sent her self out in flames…bet we’ll see her on Bachelor in Paradise as Joe 2.0.Tweets - Week 6 - Group date

Olivia & Emily got the usually dreaded 2 on 1 date, & both were surprisingly happy to be on the date.  This was the MOST bizarre 2-on-1 I’ve seen yet, as in it was extremely short.  Literally wind, a conversation with each girl, & Olivia got sent home.  Do you think Olivia hung back with the pigs?  Olivia will definitely be on Bachelor in Paradise.Tweets - Week 6 - 2 on 1 date

There was no Cocktail Party for the women, as Ben had made up his mind.  Lauren H. was sent home – she is gorgeous, but all I see is Beth Behrs when I look at her.  Tweets - Week 6 - Rose Ceremony 2

We are now left with: Ben's Ladies - Week 6

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

                                                                                                                             Kiss Hug,

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