Bachelor Recap – Week 7: The Bee’s Orthopedic Shoes?

The Grammy’s totally cramped my Twitter Feed tonight.  Grrrrr…  Ben took us to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana.  The sign said it was the Orthopedic Capital of the world…seems far fetched to me.  Warsaw looks like a little postcard town, but I’m pretty sure it is also a town in Poland that does not have such a pleasant history.

We met Ben’s parents again; they asked if he brought anyone with him.  His direct quote was, “No, there are six.”  He loves to call the women young ladies; what’s with that?  Apparently, Ben has a Pontoon boat; in my head I heard Little Big Town playing.  Tweets - Week 7 - beginning

Meanwhile, the ladies show up in town & rake up all the leaves to jump in them, obviously.   Weird. Ben took the ladies on a boat ride around the lake & now they all want to make babies with him.  Ben delivered the women to an Air BnB house & made a sex joke about his parents…gross.

Lauren B. got the first date of the night.  Y’all, the word of the night, no season, is VALIDATION.  They are all so obsessed with this word & getting it from Ben.  Ben took Lauren on a tour of Warsaw & told her all about his horrible first kiss experience.  Oh, & shocker Ben was the high school quarter back.  They then proceeded to make out in an old red truck.  The date’s activity included a stop at Baker Youth Club, where Ben worked when he lived in Warsaw.  As if we couldn’t love Ben more, he helps at risk youth?!?!  They interacted with the kids & introduced us to Half Court Ronnie, to which he lived up to the name.

Do you think Ben & Lauren planned to wear matching Grease Lighting outfits?  Their make out sesh in front of the entire gymnasium was a bit much.  During the alone time of their date, Lauren addressed the rumors that Leah had started about her.  The conversation kinda went nowhere, except to reiterate the fact the Leah obviously lied.  Ben took Lauren to a “dive” bar in Warsaw & called her his girlfriend…that’s foreshadowing people.  Lauren drunkenly giddily admits to loving Ben in her confessional.  Tweets - Week 7 - Date 1

Next up, JoJo has a 1 on 1 date in Chicago.  Ben takes her to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, which is his favorite sports team.  Jojo got a jersey (is that what it’s called in baseball?) that said “Mrs. Higgins.”  So cute.   They played a game of “baseball” but mostly sat in the middle of the field talking while being featured on the jumbo tron.  It was eerily similar to mirrors on the ceiling.

JoJo is hesitant (understandably) to let Ben in, which irritates the hell out of him.  This is the problem I have with this show…the Bachelor (or Bachelorette) always expect everyone to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but do not reciprocate.  That is too much to ask from someone.

I love that JoJo cheekily called Ben “Mr. Higgins” & grabbed his ass while making out with him.  She’s a keeper! #marriagematerial   She is officially Team Ben!Tweets - Week 7 - Date 2

On the group we had the ABC’s, Amanda, Becca, & Caila.  Basically their reaction was:    

Ben took the girls to play in Chris Soules’ barn from last season where they learned that one of them would get a rose & continue on the date with Ben.  Amanda told Ben that she had never brought a man home to meet her daughters.  Becca gave him an ultimatum, basically saying that if she wasn’t the one to let her go.  Becca for Bachelorette!!!  Caila told Ben that she didn’t have a community to bring him home to like he did, sad face.  Amanda got the rose & Ben promptly took her to McDonald’s to work the drive thru.  Amanda & Ben totally Lady & the Tramped that french fry!  Did anyone else see that?  They ended the date making out on top of the Ferris wheel from Never Been Kissed.  #mrcoolsonrocksmyworld  Tweets - Week 7 - Date 3

The last date went to Emily (yes, the twin)!  He took her home to meet his parents, basically so they could dump her for him.  Emily seems like a sweet girl, but she definitely showed her age.  Ben’s mom cried, I think she was so scared that all the women would be like Emily.  Ben sent her home at the end of the date.  Tweets - Week 7 - Date 4

At the Rose Ceremony, Ben sent Becca home.  I wasn’t all that surprised…men don’t respond well to ultimatums.  She did call him out for blindsiding her, so Becca for Bachelorette!  Tweets - Week 7 - Rose ceremony

We’re left with: Ben's Ladies - Week 7

What do you guys think?  Do you think he sent the right gals home?  I wasn’t surprised by anything on this episode.  To end on a positive note, my Christmas Tree is finally down!  I know inquiring minds wanted to know. 😉  I’ll post a Caption Crunch Edition later this week, so tune in!

Kiss Hug,

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