Week 7: Caption Crunch Edition

We’re back for another round of Caption Crunch!  Let me know what you think of it.

Welcome to Warsaw, Indiana…the girls should know where it is now.01020304050607

Lauren & Ben’s date:080910111312

Meanwhile, back at the house…1415

Back to the date…161718

JoJo & Ben’s date:192021

Back at the house:22

Back to the date:2324

News of the final dates:2526

Meanwhile, Ben & JoJo got serious for a hot minute.272829

They are super thrilled to be on a group date.303132333435

Amanda got the rose, & got to continue as a 1 on 1:36373839404142

Emily & Ben’s date with his parents:434445464748495051

Hope you enjoyed the Caption Crunch this week.  Share it with you friends.

Kiss Hug,

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