Bachelor Recap Week 8: Hometown Crazy

We are finally down to the final four!  Ben was definitely on the Ramona Coaster tonight.  Tweets Week 8 - Pre-hometowns

The first hometown date went to Amanda in Laguna Beach; I hope she knows LC.  Does Amanda own any tops with shoulders???  Her shirt was so distracting; how did it stay up?  Amanda’s daughters, Kinsley (Kingsley?) & Charley, are so cute & can read/shade Ben better than any Real Housewife from Atlanta.  By the way, Ben’s shorts were oddly short, & does he shave his legs (deal breaker)?  I loved when Ben picked up Charley to chase the birds…swoon except for the bird part.  My ovaries are giddy.  

Ben & Amanda showed up at her parent’s house in a car full of crying girls; maybe Charley knew something we didn’t?  Her mom has a great wreath on the front door.  We met Amanda’s dad, mom, & sister.  Ben came out of the gate saying how looong a day it was at the beach…not a good conversation starter.  Amanda’s parents seemed to be the MOST level-headed, realistic parents in a hometown so far in Bachelor history.  Where did Amanda get her looks, definitely not her parents?

Amanda is great mom, but she has some insecurities about bringing a new man into her life & her girls’ lives.  This is totally understandable after what her jerk of an ex-husband put her through.  As much as Ben loves kids & respects Amanda, he is not ready to be a Dad (or Instadad as people called him on Twitter).Tweets Week 8 - Amanda

The second hometown date was on Lauren’s turf in Portland.  Lauren took Ben on a “tour” of Portland & to eat at Pioneer Square & these new things called food trucks…maybe you’ve heard of them?  I will say it seemed like a normal hipster date.  Lauren revealed that she is really Paula Deen’s child & loves butter – I’m pissed that she can eat butter & not gain an ounce.   The last surprise was that Lauren doesn’t know how to pronounce library took Ben to a Whiskey Library, as Ben’s drink of choice is whiskey.

Ben is really good at getting the moms flowers that do not include roses…well-played ABC.  Lauren’s family is really, really ridiculously good looking.  Eww, her dad calls her LoLo…not a fan of that particular nickname.  Her sister Molly, pulled an Olivia & stole him right away.  She grilled him pretty hard & ultimately made him cry.  Molly for the next Bachelorette?  Is it weird that she kept referring to her sister as an eligible bachelorette?   Who knew that Lauren would turn out to be the “ugly” sister???  I didn’t think that would be possible.  When talking about love, Lauren quoted Meredith Grey…I guess there is someone beside me still watching.   Her dad makes Ben emotional, in addition to Molly…he’s so Ramotional!   I think at this point it’s pretty obvious that Lauren & Ben are in love with each other, but neither admit it.Tweets Week 8 - Lauren


Next we’re off to Hudson, Ohio to meet Caila’s family.  I feel like Caila’s life is an episode of Boy Meets World, especially sitting on that kissing bench/swing.  Does anyone else think that Caila’s voice sounds like the Barefoot Contessa…kinda soft spoken & soothing?  I’m over the fact that she “didn’t have a place to call home.”  She is my least favorite woman left, & I can’t pinpoint why but she annoys the shit out of me.   Ben & Caila move it along to her Dad’s toy factory where she made him color; I guess it was cool that they actually got to build the toy house that they colored.  It really bothers me when Ben refers to Caila as sexy…she seems too young for that.  Ick!  Does anyone else hear her pronounce the word as “aww-mazing?”

We met Caila’s dad, mom, & younger brother.  Her poor mom had adult braces (or an overly large retainer)…been there, done that…twice.  Her mom explained Filipino food to Ben, which seemed a bit contrived to me.  Caila’s dad seems like an albino, Botox’d, orange pants wearing, creeper.   I feel like he doesn’t have conversations, rather he just lectures & talks until no one is left in the room.  Rosanna, Caila’s mom, pulled Ben aside first.  I think Caila’s family is as confusing as she was in the Bahamas.  While speaking to her “Daddy,” Caila whisper sobbed that Ben is the one.  Ugh, she calls her Mommy too – gross.  This just reiterates to me how young she really is.  Tweets Week 8 - Caila.JPG

Last hometown went to JoJo in Dallas – what up Texas representin’!  We start off with JoJo walking up to a bouquet of roses at her front door, that she thought was from Ben.  Turns out the flowers were from her ex-boyfriend, Chad.   Of course, Ben conveniently showed up at her door while JoJo confronted Chad via phone call.  After a super awkward, if not stilted conversation about it, they head to her parent’s house to meet her family where things go further downhill.

We get introduced to JoJo’s parents, two possessive brothers, & a sister.  One of her brothers was apparently on a short-lived reality show that didn’t get passed a few episodes.  Maybe he is jealous of Ben?   One of JoJo’s brothers gives me a PeeWee Herman vibe, & he also reminds me of my sister’s brother-in-law.  The Reality Show brother is a wee bit too possessive & said two too many really(s) when talking about how attached he is to JoJo.  Desiree’s brother seems easy compared to these guys; however, they are all chumps.  What I really wanted to know during this date was where did the sister disappear to?  Ben gave an obvious sign that JoJo was safe tonight, while talking to the brothers, by saying that “they were going to have some good conversations coming up.”  Loved how her Mom’s rational is that because JoJo is beautiful, she won’t get her heart broken…sound logic.  Her Dad could easily be an interrogator if he isn’t already…scary.

You know the date didn’t go well when everyone refers to JoJo’s brothers as “The Brothers,” which was said with a scowl.  The Brothers caused Mom to drink champagne straight from the bottle.Tweets Week 8 - JoJo

Did anyone else notice that Ben didn’t ask any father for permission to propose.  Is that even allowed?  Next thing you know he’ll refuse a Neil Lane ring & pick out his own from a local shop!  Crazy town!  For someone who thinks he is un-loveable, Ben sure has found away to make all four girls fall for him.

At the rose ceremony, Ben sends Amanda home…sad face.  I wish it had been Caila.  Ben's Ladies - Week 8  Tweets Week 8 - Rose Ceremony

Do y’all think the right woman went home tonight?

Kiss Hug,

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