Bachelor Recap – Week 9: 1 ILY Too Many

No, y’all are not crazy!  I didn’t post a Caption Crunch Edition last week…I just couldn’t make fun of the ladies’ families.  It didn’t seem right.

It’s Fantasy Suite in Jamaica!  Did anyone notice that Ben wore Bermuda shorts in Jamaica?  Tweets - Week 9 - beginning

Caila got the first Fantasy Suite, & once again their date was super awkward going down the river on the lonely, silent raft.  Does anyone else remember Night 1 when Caila jumped in Ben’s arms & called Lace 50 Shades of Crazy?  What happened to that Caila?  She was worthy of being in the Final 3.  

At dinner Caila told Ben that she loves him & he awkwardly kissed her into silence.  Of course she accepted the key to the Fantasy Suite.  Caila is a perfectly nice girl, but I can’t stand her.  Mama J & I argue about this after every episode; Caila is her favorite.  She seems like one of those girls who has a perfect facade (& great hair!), but really she is an insecure mess on the inside; not to mention, she is the slowest talker on earth.  Waiting on her to finish a sentence feels like:  Caila Talking

I feel like she has retreated inside herself throughout the duration of this season.  Tweets - Week 9 - Caila

The next Fantasy Suite went to Lauren.  Did anyone notice how weird she was walking at the beginning of her segment?  They had the cutest date ever releasing baby turtles into the ocean.  Can we all say AWW!  Ben says Lauren gives him Googly Eyes…he doesn’t say that about anyone else.  eyes

Lauren finally, FINALLY told Ben she loved him at dinner.  Shockingly, Ben said he loved her too.  Not only that, he’s loved her for a while!  Most obvious DUH of the season, am I right?  Tweets - Week 9 - Lauren

The last Fantasy Suite belonged to JoJo.  I just had to laugh at this date because for the majority of the time I thought I was watching Tom Cruise & Elizabeth Shue in Cocktail.  That waterfall scene, the ILY, all of it but the music was spot on Cocktail.  JoJo didn’t bother to wait until dinner to tell Ben that she loved him.  Her reaction, when he said it back, was priceless.  “What?  Are you allowed to say that to me?”  You know all the producers behind the camera were dropping f-bombs all over the place.  JoJo’s reaction was awesome.  

During dinner Ben confessed that he was still scared of  upset with JoJo’s brothers.  JoJo managed to cover for her family while validating Ben.  Shortly thereafter, they headed to the Fantasy Suite.  Ben & JoJo has such a cute morning after.Tweets - Week 9 - JoJo

Okay, I have to confess…I think Lauren got the best “I Love You” from Ben, but JoJo got the best Fantasy Suite morning after conversation.  All 3 women look amazing when they wake up, & my jealousy is RAGING!!

As Ben realized the severity of what he’d done, 2 ILYs, Caila snuck up on him in a crop top.  He promptly dumped her.  I loved that she confronted him about getting her into bed, just to dump her.  However, that doesn’t like typical Ben behavior, but typical man behavior.Tweets - Week 9 - Caila's Surprise

To me it has been obvious for a few weeks that the Final 2 would be Lauren & JoJo.  Tweets - Week 9 - Rose Ceremony

What do y’all think?  Should Ben have sent Caila home?  Are you all glad that Autocorrect will stop changing Caila’s name now?  Did Ben handle the breakup the right way?  Are you pleased with the Final 2?

Until next week & The Women Tell All, one of my favorite episodes every season.

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PS – my next blog series will be recapping Bravo’s Southern Charm, starting April 4th.


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