Bachelor Recap – Week 10: WTA

How pissed would you be if your assigned seat was next to the chicken?!?!  Overall, I thought the Women Tell All was over-hyped, which was a bummer because it is always my favorite episode each season.  Here is the basic rundown: 1) the chicken appeared; 2) Amber & Jami threw shade at Jubilee for saying “they weren’t black enough;” 3) Shushanna spoke more tonight than her entire time on the show; 4) Olivia basically fake apologized to everyone & cried without tears; 5) the twins have no poker face; 6) Lace will be on Bachelor in Paradise – called it; 7) Caila still loves Ben; 8) Amanda lost her voice & our ears rejoiced; 9) the bloopers were AWESOME!

With that said, tonight’s recap will be tweets only.   Tweets - Week 10 - 1Tweets - Week 10 - 2Tweets - Week 10 - 3Tweets - Week 10 - 4Tweets - Week 10 - 5Tweets - Week 10 - 6

So, who do you think Ben chooses?  The previews are totally misleading…

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Kiss Hug,

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