Bachelor Recap: Finale & AFTR

Okay, so we finally got to the Finale!  I haven’t been this invested in the Final 2 in sometime.  Both gals are great!  I’ve been screaming Lauren B. for Ben & JoJo for Bachelorette for several weeks now.  I had quite a few thoughts about last night’s episode.

Ben & Lauren: Ben’s mom didn’t seem that into Lauren.  I was also slightly offended that she called his parents by their first names…did they tell her she was allowed to do that?  In Texas they would’ve been called Mr. & Mrs. Higgins until the wedding day.  Ben worries that his relationship with Lauren is too perfect & easy…I get that relationships take work, but don’t go borrowing trouble Ben!  If it was so perfect you wouldn’t be in love with 2 women!  He totally made Lauren think that they were breaking up.  Final thought on Lauren & Ben: Lauren has quoted Meredith Grey all season, & now Ben is too…not okay.  Barf.

Ben & JoJo: their relationship progressed very naturally, like it should, but on this show that is the kiss of death.  Also, why did all of their dates involve a waterfall???  I have to assume that Ben just wanted to see JoJo’s body, which is valid reasoning because she looks amazing.  Oh, look at that over-used Bachelor word I’m using…ah-mazing!  Ben’s parents clearly liked JoJo better, his mom especially.  On their last date, Ben definitely “friend-zoned” JoJo by telling her that she was his best friend.  They tried to avoid the cameras by talking in the bathroom; however, Ben narrated the whole thing by talking into the mic.  Final thought on Ben & Jojo is that JoJo is too cool for Ben.  She is birthday cake ice cream to his vanilla.

Ben chose Lauren, which I think has been his obvious choice since Pig Island.  My southern heart LOVED that he called Lauren’s dad to ask for permission, which redeemed him, slightly, in my book for repeatedly telling JoJo that he loved her.  I’m glad that Ben was honest with JoJo during this last episode, & with Lauren when watching each episode at home.  However, all his honesty caused Ben to have Bubble Guts…get the man some TUMS.  My only remaining question is can Jojo & Ben remain best friends?

AFTR: Chris started out by announcing that both families were there, Ben’s childhood pastor was there, & there was a floral arch just waiting for a wedding.  I found it interesting that last week on the WTA, Ben said “he would marry his girl tomorrow.”  Last night Lauren said the exact same thing in her confessional.  Coincident?  I think not.  Chris Harrison took them seriously-ish.  Guess he wanted even more ratings.  JoJo looked smoking hot when she confronted Ben.  She remained a class act throughout the awkward exchange.  JoJo was announced as the next Bachelorette, in front of Ben, & he seemed a little jealous…  Now, the internet pretty much broke because they don’t consider JoJo to be diverse enough.  JoJo is half Persian.  If it had been Caila, well she is only half-Filipino…and too young…and boring.  Jubilee was never going to be the Bachelorette because she has a WAY more important job, you know defending our country!  I think JoJo is the perfect selection for Bachelorette, with Becca as a backup.  I hope Becca makes appearances on JoJo’s season to help make tough decisions, or maybe get a cast-off.  Since they’re besties, maybe JoJo will find a guy for Becca in her 25.

Finally Lauren came out, wearing white I might add…wedding bells?  Her ring is ugly…maybe I just have something against Neil lane.  Jade still has the best ring in the whole franchise!  Anyways, Ben & Lauren were giggly & loveslutty.  Lauren is moving to Denver.  They chose wait for a proper wedding…you know the kind where ABC picks up the tab & they get a 2 hour special.  Maybe there will be a double wedding with Kaitlyn & Shawn?  Ben proposed again…I think to kill time?  The most important thing we learned from AFTR is that Jojo’s season starts May 23rd.

Favorite Tweets of the night:  Finale 1Finale 2Finale 3Finale 4

What did y’all think of the Finale?  Do you think Lauren & Ben are perfect for each other?  Are you excited for JoJo as the Bachelorette?

My next Blog Series will chronicle Bravo’s Southern Charm, which starts April 4th & Real Housewives of New York, starting April 6th.

If you don’t watch Bravo, I’ll see you May 23rd!

Kiss Hug,

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