Southern Charm: Cast Analysis

In anticipation of my FAVORITE show on Bravo, Southern Charm (duh), I thought I’d give a colorful little breakdown of each cast member.  I love this show because I like to compare what I call “The Debutante South” to Texas, where I was born, raised, & love.  Texas is definitely the South, but we are our own enigma & don’t completely fit into True Debutante South (here forth called TDS). Southern-Charm

Cameran:  This gal can EAT!  I think food is her one true love…sorry to her hubby, MD.  Let’s be real for a minute… Cameran is adorable & the girl on the show that we all see ourselves as (at least I do) & want to be friends with.  She’s the narrator & kind of the voice of reason, but definitely makes it colorful & sassy which I love.  She wants to hook Shep up with JoJo Fletcher, you know The Bachelorette, but that will NOT work for me.

Whitney:  If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of Whitney’s.  There is just something about him that annoys the sh*t out of me.  I do think he genuinely cares for his friends…in a weird, manipulative sort of way.  Whitney is condescending & has an ego the size of the Universe.  I don’t know how he stands up straight.

Ms. Patricia:  Now, Ms. Pat is the kind of women I aspire to be.  “Getting Ready for the Day” martinis…sign me up!  She’s definitely at that age where she can say & do whatever she wants & doesn’t care if it is insulting or not.  Somehow, I think she’s always been like that.  She can read with the best of RHOA!

Thomas: What a mess!  First of all, his speech is consistently slurred, which makes me think he’s always drunk & perhaps he didn’t leave his cocaine habit behind bars.  Please God, tell me he has finally abandoned his political career this season.  I do like his friend that is always round, but can’t remember his name.  Thomas is an interesting mix of frat boy & Southern gentleman.  It is bizarre to me that he lives the way he does, but still seeks the guidance of his preacher & his elderly father.

Kathryn:  Kathryn is beautiful, but soooo young.  I don’t really get her.  She comes from old money, so she doesn’t need Thomas’ money, which means she is actually attracted to him?  Don’t get me wrong – Thomas isn’t a bad looking guy, but he isn’t attractive enough to put up with all of his issues.  I’m a firm believer in crazy attracts the same level of crazy, so maybe…just maybe, they are actually perfect for each other?  I think Kathryn could use more friends.

Shepard:  Oh, Shep-y-Poo!  What a dreamboat!  Can I get an Amen?  Shep is like the Pacey of the group…he started off as kind of a sidekick, but totally stole the show & made all the girls swoon.  Everyone just assumed that he would live off his trust fund, which he does to a certain degree.  However, he also owns a bar, & last season he built a house.  He is quite poignant on Twitter in regards to the Presidential Candidates & has even written an article about them.  Plus he travels with Colin Jost, who is my backup if Shep goes off the “Market.”  Shep continues to impress & surprise me, but that may be because I think he is so swoon-worthy (written while batting my eyelashes).

Landon:  Landon is still a bit of a mystery to me, & I have so many questions.  She doesn’t seem like the typical TDS gal to me, but to hear her talk about her family she was definitely raised that way complete with Mama issues.  I think she secretly has feelings for my Shep, which is not okay.  As to the questions I have…Does she still live on a boat?  Does she still ride a bicycle everywhere?  How does she get those perfect messy waves?  Especially on a boat?  Can she stand up full height in the boat…she seems tall to me?  Is it hard to be an Interior Designer for a boat?

Craig:  Oh what to say about Craig?  He is a good lookin’ guy, but totally knows it.  He has quite the ego, different from Whitney’s, but no less obnoxious.  Craig had (maybe he still has it) the most potential to amount to something.  He was interning at a law firm, while “studying” for the Bar.  Not sure if he took it yet, but he managed to get fired from said law firm.  Based on his Tweets, he spends a lot of time promoting fashionable things, so maybe he’s modeling now?

Don’t forget the premiere is April 4th, next Monday.  I, for one, can’t wait; see you next week!

Kiss Hug,

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