RHONY: Cast Analysis

Since I had so much fun yesterday analyzing the Southern Charm cast, I thought I’d do the same for Real Housewives of New York.  I have to admit New York is the city that got me hooked on the Housewives…I’m talkin’ back in the day when Jill, Kelly, & Alex were still around.  Now I pretty much watch all of the cities religiously, except Atlanta & Potomac; however, I do manage to catch a few episodes here & there.Season 8 RHONY

Bethenny:  I really like Bethenny; she’s such a spitfire.  I typically agree with most things she says & big belly laugh during her confessionals.  B says the things we all think, but my Southern heart would never say to someone’s face…you know that whole “if you can’t say something nice thing.”  I do have to say that I haven’t followed her divorce in the tabloids, but I did watch her spinoff(s).  I’m sad for her that her marriage wasn’t great, but her divorce has been what nightmares are made of.  It seems to me if the marriage was so miserable, then all parties should want to get out as quick as possible?  Amiright?  Can I get a word?  Maybe I’m delusional since I’m still waiting for Shep to come for me. 😉

Carole:  I think Carole is just the bees knees.  She is so cool!  Carole is definitely that Kennedy-type of cool, but I love that each season we see a little more of who she really is.  I, for one, am fascinated.  Does she still share Baby with her friends?  Is she still dating Adam?  Does he use her office/kitchen?  Can she work it out with LuAnn?  How does she fix her perfectly casual wavy hair?  How does she stay so thin?  Is it from SkinnyGirl?

Dorinda:  I wasn’t too sure what to make of Dorinda at first, but I must confess that I adore her!  She’s fun & calls it like she sees it.  Her man is a little too Juicy Joe for my taste, but I don’t think he is as bad as Ramona makes him out to be.  This, of course, is based on last season.  She will be interesting to watch this season now that Heather is gone.

LuAnn:  Divorce has done wonders for LuAnn!  She’s not nearly as pretentious or condescending as she was in earlier seasons.  I think the absence of Jill Zarin might help with that as well.  She’s cool, not all uncool.  I’m happy that she has apparently found love again, & I wish the best for her.

Ramona:  She is so “Ramotional” as Bethenny & Andy Cohen would say.  Real talk: in every city their is one housewife that I can’t stand, & if you really analyze it, it is the same personality on each cast.  You know the woman who can’t ever admit when she’s wrong, or take responsibility for her sh*t, or genuinely apologize & let bygones be bygones.  These are the type of people that say “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings,” which is a non-apology in my book.  Ramona is this person on NY (It’s Vicki in the OC, Kenya in ATL, Teresa in NJ…you get the idea).  Can’t stand anything about her.  One nice thing, because I’m that kind of gal, she has great hair.

Sonja:  Sonja, Sonja, Sonja…she is the Thomas Ravenel of RHONY.  She is such a drunken mess, but she is kind of endearing.  Between her divorce that never ends, her interns, her crumbling brownstone, her businesses, etc. – I can’t keep up!  I think Sonja (with a sexy J) is a bit of a lost soul, but also doesn’t seem to get it or take accountability for herself.  It wears thin after a while, yet I root for her to succeed.

New Girl:  I know zero about the new woman this season, including her name…my bad.  She seems like she will be a firecracker based on the previews.  She reminds me of a Jewish/Asian version of Katie Rost from RHOP.

What do you think?  Am I spot on, or have I totally missed them mark?  Don’t forget that the new season of RHONY starts back up on Wednesday, April 6th.

Kiss Hug,

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