Southern Charm Recap: Peasant Salt is a No-No

Tonight’s episode started with everyone doing their AM routine the morning after Craig’s party.  Cameran has decided to be a TSD & host her first dinner party. #DomesticationDryRun  Cam let us know that she is still not ready for kids, sorry Jason, & wants to work.  So get off her Southern back people!

Why does Kathryn have such hatred for periwinkle?  This perplexes me so much.  Kathryn has allowed Thomas to see Kensie, in which he revealed that she allows him to see her only 6 days a month.  I personally think this is not at all detrimental to the baby.  He has her for 6 days, yet has a nanny?  I find it so odd that Kathryn is such good friends with Jennifer, who seems to flit from one politician to another. #GirlPreach

Next up, Shep arrives at Landon’s house…she has upgraded to a house, y’all!  Apparently her pop-up shop was very successful.  Landon says that she is going back to her old life, what marrying a super rich dude???  She obviously got a large divorce settlement, otherwise I don’t think she could afford her life of artsy luxury.  Charleston is expensive, y’all.  Sheppy & Landon created their own “Merlot to Masterpieces” & painted over wine.  Shep called it when he said they were allergic to work. #Netflix&Chill

Craig is getting his life back on track.  He’s planning to study & take the Bar; he’s also buying into JD’s company Gentry.  Love that name!  He made a partial buy-in to the company & will give a little “sweat equity” for the rest.  We also learned that JD loves money & they are going to get weird with it.  What does that even mean?

I’m loving that Ms. Patricia & Cameran discussed how cute a hedgehog’s penis is…wowser!  PS – did anyone notice that Patricia stole a page out of Sonja’s intern playbook?  Ms. Pat got straight to the point – dinner party.  The look on Ms. Pat’s face when Cam suggested a crock pot was amazing!  She gifted Cameran with the use of her Butler for the night.

Shep is working really hard to dethrone himself from dreamboat status.  He invited Landon to the bar with him & Craig; however, he also invited two of her friends that are also friends.  Super awkward.  It was a Shep sandwich between Bailey & Robin.  “When it comes to girls, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Eww, yuck.  Did he really order beef jerky?

Cameran met with Suzanne, a modern-day Mary Poppins, to help with her dinner party.  Cameran, being from Anderson, SC, is having her eyes opened so wide they are about to bug out.  Suzanne schooled Cam on her salt choices; apparently iodized salt is not acceptable.  I loved this segment.  I suggest for anyone who is domestically challenged to buy Junior League cookbooks off Amazon.  They are amazing & come from cities all over the country.  They make great gifts as well…for a friend’s wedding I gave her a JL cookbook for every significant city in their relationship.  It was one of her favorite gifts! Love you Mucci!

Ms. Patricia, Whitney, & Thomas dined together at a French restaurant.  I must say that I am impressed with Whitney’s uppity vocabulary, but not so much with Thomas’ French.  Whitney nailed it with his Pepe Le Pew reference.  I speak better French, & all I know is Oy with the poodles already!  Thomas proceeded to complain about Kathryn, as he thinks Kathryn is using the children to manipulate him (& that all women do that).  I personally think TRav is too much of a liability for Kathryn to allow him any significant time with the kiddos.

Kathryn went house hunting with Jennifer.  She has decided to make it on her own. #Getitgirl!!!  Jennifer, being the pot stirrer that she is, brought up Patricia’s Flamingo party, to which Kathryn was not invited.  Jennifer’s response was “Oopsie!”  Kathryn would like to know what she’s done to be shunned by Charleston Society.  If I had to guess, I’d say that you chose TRav over Whitney.  Big mistake, HUGE.  I’m sure Cooper Ray could find out from Mama P for Mama K.

Suzanne showed up a Cam’s house.  She was baffled that Cameran has been married for two years & her pots & pans are still in their boxes.  Did anyone notice that Cam couldn’t figure out the pepper grinder?  Haha! Suzanne should’ve made our favorite domestically challenged friend a to-do list.  Cam mistook Patricia’s martini bag for an animal.  You brought a baby, to a bar?

Kathryn stopped by Craig & Naomie’s house as they were getting ready for Cameran’s party.  I love that Kathryn wants to be independent!  It was totally unnecessary for Craig to tell Kathryn about Cameran’s dinner party.  Kathryn doesn’t think it’s fair that she is still associated with Thomas.  Could it be that she’s pregnant with his child?!?

Meanwhile back at Cameran’s house, Michael & Patricia seem to be rescuing the dinner party before it’s even started.  I think Danni should get more air time.  Why is she not a bigger part of the show?  Surprisingly, Shep doesn’t have many of his women cook for him.  He probably doesn’t stay long enough for the sheets to get cold, so meals are out…just sayin’.  This buffet is a mess; Cam took meat off Danni’s plate to give to Ms. Pat.

Conversation around the dinner table quickly turned to Craig & Naomie getting engaged.  Craig passed the buck to Whitney & his imaginary girlfriend.  Ms. Pat schooled everyone on the demise of Western Civilization.  Send a guy a wine glass emoji & he’ll come over for a good time & be gone by morning…lookin’ at you Sheperd.  As usual, Thomas & Kathryn were brought up by Craig, the Kathryn Krusader.  Everyone finds them awkward to be around because their relationship is so volatile.  They all think Kathryn is beautiful, but immature.  Patricia revealed that only pretty people are invited to the Flamingo Party – on that premise alone, Kathryn should be invited.

Y’all, I have to confess that my friend Joy & I were Tweeting each other about tonight’s show & Patricia liked it!  We feel that is a personal invitation to Charleston.  AmIright?

My favorite Tweets of the night: SC - Week 2

What did y’all think of tonight’s episode?  Where was Cooper Ray?  Did you watch the new Real Housewives of Dallas?  Until Wednesday…

Kiss Hug,

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