RHONY Recap: Blah, Blah, BBQ

Y’all, this episode was so boring, & therefore I’ll keep this short & sweet.  It was just a lot of avoidance & bitching.  Bethenny avoided John & was a horrible Skostess (Skinnygirl + hostess).  Dorinda was embarrassed by Juicy John.  Carole avoided Luann.  Sonja, with a sexy J, was MIA.  Ramona was a horndog & ready to get back to the city.  Jules never ate, which is her MO.  Luann was Tai in Clueless.  Bethenny & Carole were catty & immature at brunch; they really need to work on their silent eye communication.

Overall, it was all pretty lame, so enjoy my favorite tweets from the night. RH Week 4

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Check back on Friday for my Take It of Leave It post.

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