Take It or Leave It – Post 2

Hi y’all!  I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.  It rained again last night, here in Houston, but has since cleared up.  Okay, so I’ll just get right into it with my Take It & Leave It of the week.

Take It:  Theiss (pronounced Tice) Farmers Market in The Woodlands, TX.  It is a beautiful little place, one that if you blink you miss it.  They are open daily, which is unusual for this area (typically weekends only), & are a little slice of heaven.  The prices are amazing; I can typically get two weeks worth of fruits & veggies for less than $30.  They have the MOST amazing homemade banana bread & I truly appreciate that they leave the nuts out.  Warm nuts = gross in my book.  Obviously, they only sell locally sourced food & plants, but they also have a variety of home decor items for those that enjoy the rustic look. Theiss

Leave It: This will be controversial, but I could NOT care less about Beyonce’s Lemonade.  If she ruins my favorite drink, I will be devastated.  Now normally, I support fellow Texans to a fault, but I miss the Destiny Child days of Bootylicious.  I feel like maybe Bey has forgotten her roots?  I’m totally over Beyonce, Jay Z, Solange & the elevator incident, Becky With the Good Hair, & such taking over my social media feeds.  I DO NOT care.  So he cheated on her, seems like that happens a lot in real life & the celebrity life.  Leave if you really want to take a stand…you have enough money Bey.

You can find some of the lyrics here: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/04/25/beyonce-lemonade-lyrics

Do y’all agree or disagree this week?

Until next week…

Kiss Hug,

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