Take It or Leave It: Post 3

I’m spent this Saturday running around getting a Mother’s Day present for Mam J, & getting a present for my sister from her daughter & daughter-to-be.  Hope y’all were more proactive & got your stuff done early!

Take It:

Okay, so my Take It of the week is the GIF Keyboard App.

You guys, I seriously have a problem with how addicted I am to this App.  There are multiple GIFs for every occasion.  I may be late jumping on this band wagon, but I’m here now!  Once you download this free app, it will walk you through how to add it to your texting keyboards…it is super simple if I could do it.

Leave It:

My Leave It of the week is age spots.  I’m 32 & I’ve recently discovered my first age spot…how can this be?!?  It’s just under my right eye, you’d think it would at least be on my left side based on the amount of time I spend driving.  I don’t know if I can do microderm abrasion to get rid of it, or if I have to just start taking more precautions.  aging 2

As a bonus though, my sister introduced me to lightly slathering my face with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO as Rachel Ray calls it) at night.  I have to say that I was super skeptical about this, thought it would make my face break out, but much to my surprise it is AMAZING!  Apparently the EVOO restores the elasticity in your skin (ie. gets rid of wrinkles).  This is a bonus Take It!

Check back on Monday for my Southern Charm Recap!  Hope you all have fabulous Mother’s Day.

Kiss Hug,

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