Take It or Leave It: Post 4

Y’all, I was remiss last week.  I totally forgot to post a TIoLI last Saturday…my bad.

This week’s Take It is my list of my Top  5 favorite podcasts.

  1. The Bitch Bible: hosted by Jackie Schimmel.  This podcast is a no-holds-barred look at all things millennial, pop culture, & social faux-pas.  Nothing is off limits with Jackie.  You’ve all probably heard of Jackie as she has a large presence on Twitter & has been a guest bartender on WWHL.  She has great guests.
  2. Ladies Who Lunch: hosted by Ingrid Nilsen & Cat Valdes.  These gals got their start on YouTube.  They basically bring you to lunch with them & chat about all those “taboo” topics normally left out of polite conversation.  This particular podcast is not so much funny, but it does touch on many important topics for women.  It’s kind of an Emily’s List for those that don’t pay much attention to women’s issues or current events.
  3. LadyGang: hosted by Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, & Becca Tobin.  They hilariously discuss all things celebrity & their lives while trying to keep up in Hollywood.  Okay, so I’m still very new to this podcast & it seems to be a little Keltie heavy, but she is hilarious.  Last week she told a story about queefing during a Brazilian wax…I looked like a moron laughing during my drive home.
  4. PopCast: hosted by Jamie Golden & Knox McCoy.  It’s weekly discussion (usually very lively) about all things pop culture.  My cousin introduced me to this podcast; she lured me in by telling me that Jamie & I are soul sisters.  Jamie frequently says things that I, myself, have said out loud, thus soul sisters!
  5. Bitch Sesh: hosted by Casey Wilson & Danielle Schneider.  They discuss pretty much all the shows on Bravo; their favorite is Southern Charm & the Housewives.  The first podcast I listened to was Casey (great name!) explaining to us that she “shit her marital bed.”

My Leave It for the week is hard water.  I live in The Woodlands, TX & none of the homes here seem to have a water softener.  Why is that?  I’ve now started using olive oil & coconut oil instead of lotion.  I find it hard to believe that in 2016 we don’t have water heater/softener combos!  I Googled it & it doesn’t exist yet.  Don’t steal my idea though, because I want to put a patent on that.

Have y’all listened to any of my favorite podcasts?  Do you have any suggestions?  Any ideas to help combat dry skin in Texas?

I’ll see you all back here on Monday for Southern Charm, & don’t forget that The Bachelorette is returning as well!

Kiss Hug,

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