Take It or Leave It: Post 5

Hey y’all.  I’ve had a rough week, but I did manage to have a couple bright spots.

My Take It of the week is that I’m so excited the Bachelorette is back!  the-bachelorette

JoJo is beautiful of course, but she’s had a great attitude so far (one night).  Based on night one & the previews, I already have the Final 6 narrowed down to:

  1. Jordan – I think he’ll make Final 2, if he doesn’t win he will for sure be the next Bachelor.
  2. Chase – looks similar to Jordan, but seems less cocky.
  3. Luke – strong, silent type veteran from TX. (my personal favorite so far)
  4. Robby – he is on this list because he & JoJo were making out several times in the previews for the season.
  5. Chad – he’s on here simply because JoJo loves a bad boy & he’s the worst!  He has issues with all of the guys in the house according to the previews.
  6. Christian – I think he might be an underdog, but he seemed to make a good first impression with JoJo.  Plus, he has a great smile & ABC needs diversity.

Bonus: I think Derek & [Saint] Nick may go past the first few episodes, but under the radar for a bit.

Who did y’all like or dislike?


So for my Leave It for the week is Single Shaming.  Fat Shaming, skinny shaming, slut shaming, etc. get plenty of flack, but let’s go ahead & add Single Shaming to the list.  I am a 32 year old woman that is happily single.  If I ever meet a man (looking at you Shep) that interests me more than my independence then I will happily get involved in a relationship.  Someone recently used my being single as an insult to be cruel to me.  I wasn’t offended, but I now view my friend differently.  It really said more about them than me.  Enough with shaming, of any kind, already!

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