The Bachelorette Recap: We Meat The Chad

Okay y’all, last night’s episode was a pretty crazy Week 2.  Am I right?  Usually it takes at least three episodes to know who the long-term Villain is.  #Villainsgottavil  Since there are still so many guys left, & I’m still hardcore watching Southern Charm, this recap will be short & sweet.

I have a few thoughts about last night’s episode:

  1.  JoJo looks hot in a fireman’s uniform.
  2. Luke may becoming a little whiny for my taste.
  3. Wells has a great sense of humor.
  4. LOVED the poolside sing-a-long!
  5. Chad is so hot…until he opens his mouth.  I feel like it is a lot of work to be that big of a prick.
  6. Derek looks exactly like John Krasinski & Marcus (the one that married Lacey from BiP).  Derek LC
  7. Loved Nick’s shower dance.
  8. Did they ever sing the song for JoJo?
  9. Chad gives new definition to the term “meat head.”
  10. Evan is also too needy.

I think it is very interesting that Chad is ex-Marine, Alex is active Marine, & Luke is ex-Army.  Did anyone else notice that the Marines were much quicker to anger.  Maybe they were just hangry.

Here are my favorite Tweets from the night:  Wk - 2.1Wk - 2.2Wk - 2.3Wk 2.4Wk 2.5Wk - 2.6Wk - 2.7Wk - 2.8Wk - 2.9Wk - 2.10Wk - 2.11Wk - 2.12

What did you all think of last night’s episode?  Do you think JoJo handled The Chad correctly?

Check back after RHONY on Wednesday for a fresh recap!

Kiss Hug,

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