The Bachelorette: Too Many ‘gasms (Night 1)

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was Ah-MAZING!  I loved every second of it…except the times I hid behind my laptop.  Since this is a two-parter, the recap will be short & sweet (similar to last week).

My thoughts from last night:

  1. Chase, Robby, & Jordan need to differentiate their looks – too similar.  Although, Chase has been my favorite of the 3 since the first night.  CJR
  2. That yoga date was familiar (Chris & Carly), but so much hotter!  Whew! (fanning myself right now).  I also hid behind my laptop once JoJo mounted Chase.  She looked way too comfortable for that to be her first time…  yoga
  3. I firmly believe that The Chad believes everything he says as Bible, but also he is totally auditioning for Bachelor in Paradise – which would make me so happy!!!
  4. The first two dates were very sexual in nature…like way overboard in the TMI department.  Nick’s story with the tongue visuals made me hide again.
  5. I loved Alex’s reaction every time something didn’t go Chad’s way!  It made my heart smile.
  6. Who knew Evan (the smallest guy there) would end up being the ballsiest one?  He ended up getting the group date rose to the shock of everyone!  What is happening on this show?!?
  7. Chad got denied a kiss in front of everyone.  All the viewers at home collectively cheered…I heard them.  kiss denied gaston
  8. James Taylor has a horrible name (that he chose, mind you), but he is a swell guy.  I loved, loved, loved his date with JoJo.  He’s definitely the Bob Guiney of this season, right?
  9. Paul Blart is now living at the Mansion because the guys all fear The Chad’s Roid Rage.  Tonight The Chad was compared to Hilter & then downgraded to Mussolini.  I’m liking Daniel more & more.
  10. I’m loving JoJo more & more each episode.  She does not let these guys get away with anything.  I can’t wait to see how the pool party goes.  I hope the guys serenade her with the song they worked on last week.  #poolsidesingalong  giphy

My favorite tweets from the night:  Week 3.1.1Week 3.1.2Week 3.1.3Week 3.1.4Week 3.1.5Week 3.1.6Week 3.1.7Week 3.1.8Week 3.1.9Week 3.1.10Week 3.1.11Week 3.1.12Week 3.1.13Week 3.1.14

I can’t wait for tonight’s pool party fiasco!  What do y’all think?

Check back tomorrow for my Night 2 recap!

Kiss Hug,

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