The Bachelorette Recap: Naked & Afraid (Night 2)

Honestly, I loved last night’s episode even though I didn’t get a rose ceremony at the end, but the most interesting part of the night was that Hillary Clinton made history by winning the Democratic nomination.  It’s pretty cool regardless of your political affiliation – don’t send me hate messages, as I don’t care who you vote for as long as you VOTE!  no voting = no complaining.  Sorry to get political, but I like to read & talk smart things.

Thoughts from the night:

  1. The pool party was more like a quick dip before the Rose Ceremony.  And, where was my sing-along?!?!  I’m dying to hear that song again.
  2. What is with Evan’s nose bleeds?  It’s not like they are in high altitude.  Is he secretly Rachel Green?
  3. I’m actually a little bummed that Saint Nick got the boot.  JoJo gets coal for sure.  I could see him on Bachelor in Paradise…
  4. Luke is hot; I don’t know why the folks on Twitter thinks he’s creepy.  I have more of an issue with his voice than his face.  I think he has been through some shit in his life, which has turned him into a quiet, dare I say introspective, person…I guess that comes off creepy?
  5. The group date was lame; with all the Brock Turner stuff in the news lately, I thought it was in really poor taste for ABC to air an episode with Ben Rothlisberger (an alleged rapist).  Big Ben even ate the Cheeto Puffs – umm, it’s all about the Extra Crunchy Cheetos or Flaming Hot Cheetos.  DUH!
  6. Chad & Alex got the 2-on-1 date.  Alex was pumped & proceeded to tell Chad how excited he was that The Chad would be going home.  Alex was so cocky that I was worried.  Don’t poke the Chad Bear.Chad bear.gif
  7. Did anyone else notice that Alex, Luke, & Chad were left at the hotel; all are military or ex-military.  All three behave so differently when The Chad’s antics were questioned.  Luke was calm, cool, & collected.  Alex is a good guy, but a bit antagonistic.  Chad deflected & blamed everyone else for his actions.  #narcissist
  8. Before Chad & Alex left for their date, The Chad threatened to find Jordan after the show to kick his ass.
  9. Why the hell was this 2-on-1 the scariest date on Earth?  And, why the hell would you give Chad a machete?  I think JoJo was scared for her life; she kinda seemed to phone this one in (not that I blame her).  JoJo confronted Chad regarding the situations in the house.  He denied none of the accusations (because they’re all true), & basically told JoJo that he had no other choice but to get physical.  Umm, no, no, no (NO, NO, NO!) – unless you are sweatin’ to the oldies then there is no reason to get physical.  Violence is not the answer.  As we tell children, “Use your words.”Chad & Alex
  10. How creepy was Chad’s whistling?  I’ve never heard anything scarier in my life.  The preview made it look like Chad found his way out of the woods, & back to the hotel to seek his revenge.

These are the guys left after last night’s episode.  The hearts are guys that got the date rose.  Jojo's Suitors Week 3

My favorite tweets from the night are below.  Week 3.2.1Week 3.2.2Week 3.2.3Week 3.2.4Week 3.2.5Week 3.2.6Week 3.2.7Week 3.2.8Week 3.2.9Week 3.2.10Week 3.2.11Week 3.2.12Week 3.2.13

I’m so bummed the NBA Finals will not allow for The Bachelorette next week, but it does give me one week to focus back on #SouthernCharm for the much anticipated dinner party from Hell.

Until next time…

Kiss Hug,

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