RHONY Recap: You’re Not Invited

Y’all, we are only a little over half way through the season.  I feel like this episode was just a filler episode, but still good.  Seems like more drama is to come!

So, this episode starts off 3 weeks after Ramona’s lame holiday party where everyone was dressed as some version of Michael Jackson.  Sonja has decided to stop drinking to get back in the group’s good graces.  Honestly, I don’t think it will help.  She’s on the outs until Ramona & Bethenny decide she can come in & play.  Back at Morgan Manor, Luann & Sonja rehash Tipsy Girl…for the umpteenth time.  Sonja asks if she should have called it Fat Tipsy Bitches – I kinda like that better than both names.  Sonja was more hurt by Dorinda’s exclusion from the Berkshits.  Luann quickly gushes that she is moving out because she’s in love with her soulmate, & probably getting married.  Sonja’s expression was priceless.  “My Tom?” shes says in her confessional.  We then learned that Sonja also hooked up with Tomcat.  Seriously, these gals need to branch out & meet new men…Harry & Tom can not be the only eligible men in NYC.  Below Deck Mediterranean just had 5 single bachelors their age on, so maybe they could reach out to Andy Cohen for their numbers.

Across town, Queen B has gathered Dorinda, Jules, Carole, & Ramona for drinks to pitch a tequila trip to Mexico for research.  Who wouldn’t want to go to Mexico & get shit-faced while eating chips & guac out of a sombero?   Then Ramona brings the convo to a halt by asking if Luann was invited.  Notice how Ramona had no problem excluding her BFF Sonja?  Carole said that if Lu went then she wouldn’t.  B replied with, “then I won’t go if Carole doesn’t go.”  Ramona, as the least go with the flow girl, says that she will do what everyone else wants & just goes with the flow.  Lu & Son

Carole visited Bethenny at her apartment.  Oddly, it looked like B had an intern?  The conversation quickly turned to relationships.  Carole doesn’t like to let anyone get too close.  She compared fostering a khit-ten to losing loved ones – Bethenny wasn’t buying what Carole was selling.  You could tell by the squinty eyes.  That’s a weird comparison though, right?  Also, Carole the only reason to have a cat is so you can name it Meowllory.  #duh  Bethenny confessed that she has reconsidered her position on never getting married again.  Carole creates a temporary world.  Carole can’t get out of relationships & Bethenny has trouble getting into relationships.  It ended up being a surprisingly introspective & somewhat relate-able conversation between these two.  Albiet, weird.  Bethenny 3 Dorinda met up with Ms. Morgan for a manicure.  Dorinda bluntly tells Sonja that Ramona is no longer on her side.  Is it the end of Ramonja as we know it?  Dorinda, the biggest blabber mouth in NYC, told Sonja that she & Luann weren’t invited to Mexico.  “Hate to tell ya,” grins Dorinda.  Sonja then shared that she quit drinking.  On a side note, I would totally have been interested in a Sonja Morgan Toaster Oven.

Across town, Carole shows up at Adam’s apartment.  I have to say, Adam should only ever wear his hair in a man-bun.  He forced Carole to help him make a Vegan chocolate cake, which sounds as appealing as a mammogram.  On the Upper East Side, Ramona is hosting a Hair Extensions lunch with Avery.  This is the same extensions Ramona is sporting…you know the ones that are so long they are obviously fake.  Luann showed up because ramona wanted to give her a makeover.  Once again they rehashed the Berkshits.  Luann is delusional that her & Carole are now cool.  Luann proceeded to gush to Avery, Ramona was there too, about Tom.  Ramona could not be less enthused about this relationship.  She took such pleasure bursting Lu’s bubble by gossiping about Tom’s friendship with his ex.  Even Avery was embarrassed for her mom.  Ramona backed off by saying the she was happy for Lu, while crossing her fingers behind her back.  Ramona.gif

Later that night John, Dorinda, Jules, & Michael met for dinner at STK.  I believe this is the restaurant that Giuliana & Bill Rancic own?  Jules is clearly pissed at Michael; in light of today’s divorce news, it is now glaringly obvious that Jules & Michael have marital issues.  It’s clear that Michael is no longer invested in his marriage to her.  I wonder if he knew Josh on Ashley Madison?  Dorinda proceeded to drunkenly advise Jules on her marriage.

Bethenny & Luann met for a drink & had the. weirdest. time. EVER.  Luann talked a mile a minute & didn’t let B get a word in edge wise.  Weird, right?  Bethenny said that Lu is on Crystal Meth & not a good listener.  Luann asked if Carole was now B’s life partner & stuck B with the bill.  LuAnnOn a serious note, I truly hope Bethenny’s health scare is now better & a non-issue.

My favorite Tweets from the night:  Week 10.1Week 10.2Week 10.3Week 10.4Week 10.5Week 10.6

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Check back in on Saturday for a Take It or Leave It post.

Kiss Hug,

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