RHONY Recap: Bloody Bits

You guys, was it just me or was this episode lame?  This recap will be a bit short because I was dealing with work stuff while watching, & you know…it was kinda boring.

A few thoughts on tonight’s show:

  1. Was Luann even in this episode?  I know she was talked about a lot, but did she make an appearance?  Where is Lu
  2. Ramonja is back?  Their apology practice was pretty funny & Ramona’s Bethenny impression was spot on.  R as B
  3. Ramona is still the worst friend alive.  Her new name shall be Ramona: the Horrible friend.  Ramona 2.gif
  4. Jules has decided to start an Asian juice (tea???) business.  I love that she managed to keep it a secret from Michael.  I wonder if Jules already knew that the end of her marriage was imminent?
  5. Poor Bethenny is really, really ill.  That scene in Home Goods was a bit scary – I thought she was going to pass out.  Thank goodness Dorinda was there to mother her, which she needed.
  6. LOVE that B & D like shopping at Home Goods, even if it was a product placement.  Stars, they’re just like us.
  7. Jules also broke her vagina on a window.  It reminded me of when you’re little & fall off your bike & land on that bar.
  8. This dog wedding was such a crock of shit.  They spent a lot of money to raise a bit of money for charity.  Somehow, I don’t think the charity got their money’s worth.  Although, the cute pooches were a nice break from the human bitches we normally deal with.  All of be like:

    9. Ramona cannot cut a cake to save her life.  If she had done that at one of Heather          Dubrow’s parties, she would be out.  Cake

Best tweets of the night:  Week 11.1Week 11.2Week 11.3Week 11.4Week 11.5Week 11.6

I’ll be house sitting next week, so I may be sitting poolside instead of blogging.  Maybe I’ll surprise you.

Kiss Hug,

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