Southern Charm Recap: TRav is a Patty Loveless Song

Y’all this will be a relatively short recap, as Reunions rarely offer up new information.  Of course, leave it to Kathryn to ruin that theory…

Here are my thoughts from last night:

  1. Cameran looked beautiful!  She is never completely on trend, but is always stunning regardless. Landon looked like a raisin in the sun/beef jerky/a piece of leather with dream catcher earrings.  She went WAY too far on the spray tan.  Anyone on TV should know that too much spray tan ages you…just ask Whitney, he knows.  Do you think she’s hiding her lies in those earrings?  Kathryn thought she was at the Renaissance Fair or a Victorian photo booth at an amusement park.  Kathryn
  2. Kathryn is so obviously younger than the rest of the Charmers, which is not an insult.  She just has NO poker face – her expressions last night had me laughing so hard.  Y’all she acts like the 24-year-old that she is.  Take her children out of the equation, & she’s a typical young twenty-something.  I was that reckless at that age.  I get that Cam doesn’t want that drama in her life, or coffee breath, but Kathryn so obviously needed a friendly face.
  3. Kathryn was spot on when she asked the bunch how they behaved at 21 – the camera panned over to Cameran (deer in the headlights) reminding us all that she was on Real World in her early 20’s making out with other girls on national TV.  Fun stuff.
  4. My beautiful Sheppy-Poo is a fun-loving, man-whore, but in the most endearing way possible.  The mushrooms/wiffle ball story was amazing.  Shep always puts a smile on my face & in my heart.  As Cameran would say, I ❤ Shep.   SHep
  5. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  This is all TRav’s fault.  He reminds me of the Patty Loveless song, “Blame It On Your Heart.”  Blame It On Your Heart  He is playing Kathryn & Landon for fools…and they fall for it, which is the worst part.  Come on ladies, you’re better than this!!!Patty Loveless
  6. Once again, Whitney’s reaction to Kathryn’s, very detailed, account of their “relationship” was disproportionate for someone who gives zero fucks.  Kathryn even said that she has nothing to gain from sharing this as it has tarnished her reputation (even more) & she has been dragged through the mud.  I believe Kathryn 100%. #TeamKathryn  She had nothing to gain by sharing this info.
  7. I don’t think #NewCriag or #OldCraig will ever be a man of the law.  Who knew you had to write a thesis to graduate Law School.
  8. What about Kathryn’s bombshell that Thomas took Landon on the Valentine trip that they had planned for each other?  Best part of the night…the devastated look on Landon’s face at that little nugget was the only time she seemed contrite.
  9. I thought Landon was a real piece of shit for bringing up Kathryn’s drug test.  It was totally unnecessary & none of her business.
  10. What was with Whitney’s super creepy, Alfred Hitchcock, smile throughout the Reunion?  It gave me the heebie jeebies.  creepy smile

Side Note: I have a theory about Cameran’s blind allegiance to Whitney.  She is his realtor.  Think about it – she sold him his first loft/house/whatever on Season 1.  He has had a different residence each season; she is obviously trying to keep a past, present, & future client in Whitney.  It also doesn’t hurt that he is the EP of the show.  Just something to ponder…

Favorite Tweets from the night:  SCR1.1SCR1.2SCR1.3SCR1.4SCR1.5SCR1.6SCR1.7

What did y’all think of the reunion?

My Bachelorette Recap will be up later today.  I’m undecided about posting a RHONY Recap this week, but will definitely live Tweet it.  I am having a #staycation the rest of the week, which basically entails me lounging by the pool, reading, & drinking margaritas.

Kiss Hug,

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