The Bachelorette Recap: How Do You Say Boring in Spanish?

Y’all, was it just me or were any of you hoping this episode would hurry up & end?  It was kinda boring, right?

I don’t really get the appeal of Wells.  WellsIf any of you listen to the Bobby Bones Show, he reminds me of a poor man’s Bobby…except for that whole NY Times Bestseller thing.

The guys were all dicks for embarrassing Wells, & shaming him for not kissing JoJo yet.  Perhaps he didn’t want to catch the other guys’ STDs by getting their sloppy seconds on the group dates?  Never the less, Wells ended up in the friend zone & got sent home.

The Group Date was with James, Jordan, Alex, Robby, & Luke.  They played soccer (I think).  I was happy to see that James Taylor’s eye seemed to be healing nicely, & I no longer had to look at a swollen, bloodshot eye.  This date was super boring, but I think JoJo enjoys being hoisted onto their shoulders, thus the sports theme.  The night got slightly interesting when James tattled told JoJo that Jordan is entitled.  I think James got confused because it never bodes well for the tattler; however, all the guys said something to JoJo about Chad & he got the boot.  I could see how he was confused, but Jordan is the obvious front runner.  The whole skirmish was over a game of poker.  Really guys, really?  Did anyone notice how Jordan swirled his wine glass with entitlement after JoJo confronted him?

Moving on to the unprecedented second 2 on 1 date with Chase & Derek.  They did a three person tango, which is a really interesting concept.  JoJo’s dress was gorg.  During the dancing, I pictured the dance from Center Stage, but was singing “El Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge in my head.  tango

Ultimately, Derek got sent home.  He cried like a “little bitch” as Alex would say.  Loved that they played the entire song from Evita, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

We all thought James or Alex would not be getting a rose, but low & behold JoJo surprised & got an extra rose from Chris Harrison, so no one went home at the Rose Ceremony.  Alex took great offense to it & referred to it as a pity rose in his confessional. JoJo's Suiters

Favorite Tweets from the night:

Did y’all like last night’s episode?  Any favorite moments?  Anything I missed?

Until next time…

Kiss Hug,

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