RHONY Recap: Reunited & It Feels So Good?

Y’all this episode was another  dud, so much so that I considered not doing a recap.  But alas, I am here for you!

Bethenny had a Skinnygirl event to attend, SHOCKER!  But, I did appreciate the product placement clutch & red hair.  B is good with a theme, but she is making me rethink my favorite color being red.  I think she trademarked it as hers.B Red

Jules went to her checkup to see how her vag was healing.  “Will it be a perfect little pistachio again?”  I think her doctor actually gagged, & the pistachio industry took a dive last night.  JulesOn a side note, what was with her doctor’s lack of face movement while he spoke?  Did he recently have jaw surgery?  That’s how I talked for 6 months after my jaw surgery…

Moving on, Ramonja took dance lessons from one of the gals from Sushi Rocks.  This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.  They should never take a dancing class sober, & should probably stick to Turtle Time – instead they danced like Elaine.  Elaine

B cancelled her surgery & saw an Internist instead, so to celebrate Bethenny hosted a get together with Ramona, Dorinda, & Carole where two kinds of tea were served.  Of course Ramona reverts back to her true self & stirs shit up about Luann, as per ushe.  Gossip

In B’s confessional, she accused Luann of being a narcissist, which is the pot calling the kettle black if ever there was one. #duh  Bethenny & Luann

Of course Dorinda reenacts the tea party for Luann the next morning at breakfast (???).  Dorinda’s impression of Ramona was spot on.  Bravo.  Well done.

Finally all the women are together in one scene for dinner.  Not sure of the purpose for the dinner, I assume Dorinda was the host (???) & she was trying to reunite the group?  Carole & Luann sat next to each other & had a really lovely chat.  say whatI hope we can now move on from Apology-Gate.  The women were all talking over each when Ramona arrived.  She basically construction worker whistled for the gals to notice her entrance.  Ramona's entranceI can’t with this lady, Ramona is too much; she also fits in to Bethenny’s description of a narcissist.

Half the table was discussing Carole & Adam’s sex life, while Luann quietly confronted Ramona about talking shit behind Lu’s back.  Slowly the other girls chimed in, & Bethenny opened her favorite box Pandora’s Box by mentioning that Ramona, Sonja, & Luann share the same men…because you know, Harry & Tom are the only eligible men in NYC.  Sonja chimed in the she & Tom have been F*** Buddies for 10 years.  I feel bad for Lu, these women are being bitches.  I don’t think they are jealous of her happiness with Tom, but they certainly aren’t being supportive or nice.  They take so much glee in tearing Lu’s relationship apart, but it doesn’t warrant the dreaded “To Be Continued…” as the episode finished.

My favorite Tweets from the night:

What did y’all think of this episode?  We’re on Week 13 & nothing much has happened since we left the Berkshires.

Until next week!

Kiss Hug,

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