RHONY Recap: Jules Found Her Cojones

This week’s recap will once again be short, as not much happened – except for the usual screaming match.  If you are on Team Bethenny then you may want to stop reading now.  This episode was a classic tale of “if you dish it, you gotta take it.”

I will preface this by saying that for the last 7+ years I have staunchly been on Team Bethenny.  But, something this season is off.  Her past snarky comments were always met with a chuckle from me as I was often thinking similar thoughts; however, this season she seems to relish being cruel & take pleasure in being a Mean Girl with Carole.  Perhaps Bravo & Andy Cohen have given her too much power?  She now has a radio show on Andy’s Sirius station, she is now an Executive Producer on the RHONY, & has said (on her radio show) that she gave final approval for Jules to be allowed on the cast.  Bethenny boss

At dinner, after Luann stormed off, Jules confronted B about her horrible behavior.  Jules found her cojones & didn’t back down.  Bethenny, on the other hand, totally missed the point Jules was tried to make.  Jules said very clearly, with verbs & all, that B uses humor at other people’s expense & is intentionally cruel.  Jules, calmly & assertively, proceeded to say that she makes fun of herself so these bitches won’t to bring humor to an otherwise serious, scary situation (eating disorder).  Bethenny instead raged about her own issues with anorexia, which Carole chimed right in on in complete support of B.  Carole also that talking behind your friend’s back to other friend’s is par for the course – umm pretty sure you & B do not consider Jules a friend.  When Jules tried to defend herself, Bethenny screamed, “Don’t yell at me.  You don’t get to be the only one to talk.”  This from the woman who never lets anyone else get a word in edge wise.  As B would say, her reaction was disproportionate to the conversation. Jules

Jules wrote a great blog for Bravo, which you can read here. We are on Planet Bethenny

The rest of the episode was pretty uneventful.  Luann scolded Ramona, one on one, about being a horrible friend…nothing new there.  Carole hosted Dorinda & Bethenny for lunch while Adam made cauliflower pizza.  They said Adam was a hot chef; is this true?  I don’t see it.  I’m worried his hair will be in the food…extra flavor I guess.  Sonja hosted a dinner party, where Jules introduced her to a weirdo named Rocco.  John was back & well behaved.  Luann got engaged!

At the end of the episode the ladies headed to Mohegan Sun via party bus, which I learned from my Twitter pals that it is a super fun casino in Connecticut.  I thought it was an Indian (Native American) Tribe or a movie with Kevin Costner.  Bethenny bitched about Jules to Dorinda, within hearing range, which was very passive aggressive.  The one beacon of light in this episode was that B FINALLY apologized to Sonja.  See y’all, miracles do happen.  Hallelujah!  hallelujah

Here are my favorite Tweets from the night:

What did y’all think of this episode?  Are you Team B or Team Jules?  Do you think Dorinda stirred the pot?  I really hope Andy skewers Bethenny & Carole at the Reunion.

Until next time…

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One thought on “RHONY Recap: Jules Found Her Cojones

  1. I’ll take Bethenney over Theresa G any day of the week.
    At least Bethenney knows how to apologize sincerely with no ifs, ands or buts, owns her shit and learns from her mistakes. Unlike T, who has not changed at all or learned a thing in prison.
    Bethenney, even when yelling, has a nicely moderated voice. Unlike T’s nails on a blackboard, high pitched screetching when she gets excited…happy, sad or mad. I turn the channel and may not ever tune back into RHONJ.

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