The Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Zeros

Once again I am house/dog sitting & forgot to record the Bachelorette as I watched it.  So, my bright idea of going back to re-watch did not happen; thus, this recap will be more of a Tweet-cap.

I did manage to remember…  Chase had super cute house that was in the middle of a remodel?  Where was that stair railing?!?  This is the most personality we’ve gotten out of him thus far; however, I do think it’s a red flag for him to have not moved on from his parents’ divorce 20+ years ago.  I’m not a child of divorce, so what do I know???

Jordan’s hometown was in Chico, CA, although he lives in Nashville (I think I heard him say that?) with all the other Bachelor Alums.  JoJo was very excited by all the deer.  Girl, you are from Texas – I know you’ve seen deer.  His family all had the same flock of seagulls hair thing going.  Birds of a feather & all that…  This entire date was about Aaron Rodgers & the void he has left (empty chairs).  Shout out to his brother’s girlfriend’s June Carter side-pouf!

Moving on to Robby… His family is HUGE.  I had no idea he had so many siblings.  Where Meemaw?  His mom really stirred the shit, huh?  Apparently, Robby’s ex’s roommate leaked to the tabloids that he dumped Hope to go on the show.  Don’t several people do this each season?  Why is this any different now?  I get that it’s douchey, but why are they making such a big deal about this particular case?  Robby seemed very pressured during this date, like he was trying too hard to convince JoJo of his truth.

Luke’s date in Texas made me long for the Hill Country.  The entire town of Burnet, TX (pronounced Burn-it, not Burn-net) showed up to support Luke & welcome JoJo.  Luke’s dad is the best, might even beat out Sean Lowe’s dad.  I distinctly remember Luke telling his dad, something to the effect of, he knew he needed to say the L-word to JoJo but he hesitated because he’s not the only guy.  I feel like this is a very rational thought to have.  I wouldn’t want to tell someone I loved them until we were in an exclusive relationship & they could vocally reciprocate.  Luke surprised JoJo with a journey to a hay couch…this is where things got awkward to me.  She randomly stared crying & seemed to close herself off from Luke.  You’d think with all their chemistry that she would eat this romantic shit up!  The date was great, but I feel like JoJo left it feeling down.  Luke is totally getting the Bachelor edit.

At the Rose Ceremony, in a terrifying airport hangar, JoJo announced in her confessional that she would be getting rid of Luke.  Luke is going home

To Be Continued…

Best Tweets from the Night (at least in the Central Time Zone):

What did y’all think of this week’s episode?  My theory is that JoJo keeps Jordan & Robby around because she is secretly attracted to their drama.  I thought with her sexual chemistry with Luke that he’d be no-brainer for the Fantasy Suites, but I guess the Bachelor Gods have another plan?

I’ll be Tweeting #RHONY tonight!

Kiss Hug,

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