The Bachelorette Recap: Is JoJo Here For The Right Reasons

I’m trying to write this blog while dealing with a migraine, so bear with me…

Okay, I’ll say it…JoJo is disappointing me.  In the beginning I adored her, & I thought ABC made a fantastic choice in choosing her as The Bachelorette.  But, ever since she let Wells go, & I’m not even a Wells fan, she has been making terrible decisions.  Now, Wells wasn’t anything special to me but I know Twitter loves him.  Perhaps he didn’t get enough airtime?  My main issue with JoJo is her constantly allowing these men to confess their love, then dumping them, & expecting them to comfort her because she feels bad.  Last night she brought Ben’s betrayal up MULTIPLE times, yet she is doing the same thing to all of these guys.  My respect for JoJo is dwindling…  JoJo expects comfort

Since Luke got fourth place does that take him out of the running for the next Bachelor?  I really hope ABC & Mike Fleiss take this opportunity to start over with an unknown Bachelor or someone from a past season.  None of the men from JoJo’s cast are Bachelor worthy.  Remember back in the days of Andrew Firestone (my favorite of all time), & they all were a little older, with their lives kind of in order, & some wealth?  I miss those days.  These fools are all looking for fame, social media followers, or people to help jump start their music/TV careers.

So, this episode started with last week’s rose ceremony.  JoJo got rid of Luke.  Fine, whatever, she got rid of the only decent one left, BUT she should have done it when he pulled her aside & before he confessed his love.  That is so disrespectful.  She got Luke’s hopes up by allowing him to return to the firing squad rose ceremony.  Luke was understandably, and justifiably, upset, shocked, & angry.  I love that he didn’t hold back in telling JoJo that she was wrong in the way she handled the situation, but remained a gentleman.  #flabbergastedLuke is gone

My philosophy is that Luke looked least like Robby, Jordan, & Chase so he got cut.  She definitely has a thing for douchey Ken doll-type guys.  Do y’all think Chase looks like the lovechild of Jordan & Robby?  JRC

Moving on to Thailand, Robby got the first date.  I’ve said it once, & I’ll say it again – Robby is not marriage material…his family is not in-law material either.  Didn’t his mom seem like she would constantly be meddling in his relationships?  I honestly can’t tell you anything about their date because I don’t care & I don’t like Robby.  He went to fantasy suite, JoJo hearts him, he loves her, they definitely boned.  The End.

Next up: Jordan’s date.  They went on a hike, which sounded boring, but I was cracking up that they needed multiple breaks.  I know its hot & humid in Thailand, but come on JoJo – you’re from Texas.  It’s always hot & humid!  She should’ve been used to this.  JoJo should have looked like this: Humidity

Instead we get this: hik

Life just isn’t fair sometimes, ya know?!?  Anyhow, they continue their hike down into a temple cave.  She had to cover up & Jordan wasn’t allowed to thrust her against a wall & kiss the living daylights out of her.  She really seemed to miss that.  At dinner, JoJo kinda grilled Jordan, & compared him often to Ben. #uncomfortable  He dodged the questions mostly by telling her what she wanted to hear to seal his fate for the Fantasy Suite.  Same outcome as Robby’s Fantasy Suite.

The final date is with Chase.  Y’all he was the most animated he’s ever been!  He actually seemed to be having fun, & actually showed some personality.  There was a monkey named Chad.  JoJo didn’t seemed particularly interested – it kinda came & went throughout the date.  However, she enjoyed another tantric yoga makeout session with Chase, this time on the beach.  As JoJo was getting ready for the dinner portion of the date, Robby stopped by her room because he “missed” her.  Y’all, I think Robby was just trying to play mind games & get in her head…like Chase is real competition for him, puh-lease.  However, it totally worked.  JoJo was so closed off from Chase at dinner, yet she gave him the Fantasy Suite card from our favorite host, Chris Harrison.  Man I miss Chris; JoJo could really use his pep talks, but not like the fake note Robby’s dad wrote!  Anyways, in the suite Chase really opened up & professed his love for JoJo.  Her reaction was less that desired.  Chase FS

She waited a few minutes, collected herself, then dumped his ass & sent him home.  As was deserved, Chase let her have it.  He was understandably mad, as she made a fool out of him.  I liked this Chase.  Who knew he had emotion?  She loves the drama.  drama.gif









Chase did show up at the Rose Ceremony to apologize for his anger, & didn’t expect a rose.  He didn’t want that to be her last impression of him.  #respect  I love when a person can admit that they handled a situation poorly.

At this point JoJo would be better off pulling a Brad Womack & picking no one.  Isn’t it interesting that both Jordan & Robby have had similar scandals this season with their exes?  JoJo is either not looking for a long-term relationship, OR she is attracted to the drama surrounding them.  Jordan & Robby’s situation reminds me of that Patty Loveless song from ’93, Blame It On Your Heart  JoJo theme song

Favorite Tweets from the night:

I can’t wait to watch the Men Tell All, but I will be a bit delayed & not live tweeting tonight – I’ll be babysitting 4 kiddos!  However, I will post a Caption Crunch edition on Friday!  If y’all like it, I will promise to do some throughout Bachelor in Paradise.

Feel free to leave feedback anytime!  The only way to improve is with constructive criticism.

Kiss Hug,

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3 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Recap: Is JoJo Here For The Right Reasons

  1. Not liking this season at all. Jojo seems bored with these guys and her acting is not so great that it isn’t being hidden well. Her fake crying is pitiful. None of these guys are all that. No one really stood out except that idiot psycho dude. I too don’t like the way she dumps them after declarations of love and then expects them to comfort HER. That’s just manipulative. “I know I hurt you but I want YOU to make ME feel okay about it.” Glad Chase gave her a good piece of his mind. Sorry he took it back as he had the most honest reaction of the season.

    So why is JoJo here? Probably for fame and fortune like some of these guys. If she does end up picking someone, it will be for a “pretend engagement” that will last a few months at most. Pathetic.

    I recommend watching the show “UnReal” on Lifetime. That fiction seems like a more realistic picture of what goes on behind the scenes of “Bachelore/ette” type reality shows. While it may not be THAT bad, I’ve noticed with each passing season how fake and set-up everything seems. For example, I’m sure that the bachelor/ettes are not thrilled about some of the dates they “choose” for the contestents. Also, I think many would haven blown off the “villains” a long time before they did because of ratings. This isn’t all reality, folks. There’s much influencing going on behind the scenes at the very least.

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