RHONY Recap: The Snooze Cruise

I’ve struggled to write this recap because this season of RHONY has turned into a real snooze-fest.  Boring

Yesterday, I posted a Tweet asking for help recapping & luckily I got a few responses. 🙂  Thanks Remi & Lily’s Mimi!  RemiLily

I think this sums it up quite nicely, but since I have a job to do I’ll throw in my two cents.

  1. Bethenny’s vagina has once again ruined another cast trip.  Instead of Hawaii, they are now going to Miami.  Hawaii thanks you.  I guess they’ll have to pretend to be Gidget in FL.
  2. Sonja embarrassed her daughter at Parent’s Weekend because she wore a baby seal on her head.  Sonja
  3. Jules has no concept of what pool shoes are.  Who wears suede to the pool?
  4. We’re still talking about Tom of the town, the slut-bag-hoe.
  5. Jules visited her parents.  Guess what?  One is Jewish & the other is Asian.
  6. Luann’s schoolgirl excitement about the boy asking her to the dance is getting a little old.  sixteen candles
  7. These ladies wouldn’t know how to be happy for someone, even if they were given an instruction manual.
  8. I secretly want this cruise to turn into an episode of Gilligan’s Island.  gilligan
  9. Ramona is so embarrassing.  She thinks she is so much hotter than she is.  Poor Avery.  She was a real mess with the bathing suit photo shoot.
  10. I feel like both Sonja & Ramona are making WAAAAY more out of their involvement with Tom, than what happened in real life.
  11. Bethenny loves that she has a bombshell of a secret to hold of Luann.

My favorite tweets from the night:

What did y’all think about the episode this week?  Boring, right? I was distracted by all the DNC stuff & Hillary Clinton making history!

Until next week!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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One thought on “RHONY Recap: The Snooze Cruise

  1. I like to think Beth is smart…you know, biz and all…but then I see a preview and she’s talking about letting some cat out of a bag with Ramona the Stinger, Apologizer etc. in the room. Who in their right mind would discuss any secret with Ramona, the Pot Stirrer, within hearing distance? And stay out of Ramona’s line of sight….I think she can read lips too!
    And another preview Ramona is screaming at Lu to keep her mouth shut….that Lu can’t stop talkiing about Ramona and Tom or something. Ramona has the biggest mouth on tv…NO WAIT…Tamra’s is huge for pot stirring too…AND then there’s Dorinda. Oh, nevermind. It just seems to me Ramona can’t stop talking about her and Tom…and Sonja and Tom. Just forget Lu is now with Tom and calls her two friends the BL’s….lol Before LuAnn.I think Slade Smiley should move to NYC. He’s missing a lot of action.

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