RHONY Tweet-Cap: “Friends” & Luvahs

Okay y’all, I was remiss & totally dropped the ball on recapping last week’s RHONY episode.  It was pretty epic, & I feel really bad about not getting my act together & recapping right after the episode.  my badI blame it on the To Be Continued…  However, I did go back & dig through my August 3rd Tweets to create a Tweet-Cap for you all.  Hopefully all is forgiven.

Without further ado:

I promise to be better next time!

Kiss Hug,

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One thought on “RHONY Tweet-Cap: “Friends” & Luvahs

  1. The reason Ramona’s dating life is private…is because it doesn’t exist. She’s not dating..she’s getting ‘picked up on one night stands’. Women who smell like grapefruit don’t get asked out on second dates. lol But in Ramona’s case she doesn’t get asked out a second time because she simply isn’t ‘satisfying’ to the men who pick her up. Ask Tom D…he knows.
    Sonja, on the other hand, gets asked out time and time again because she has personality. She’s FUN. Sadly, she isn’t making it past ‘friends with benefits’ but I believe that us because she’s had so many other issues to deal with. Sonja will be the next one to be ‘engaged’ because she’s engaging.
    Will Lu make it down the aisle? If it’s up to her alone, I think yes. Only time will tell what Tom D has up his sleeve.

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