Post 9: 2016 Olympics

Okay y’all, this Take It or Leave It post will be 2016 Olympics related.  OlympicsNow, I’m not one for sports of any kind.  I feel like as soon as I root for someone or a particular team, they lose.  Perhaps I’m a jinx?  Perhaps I’m superstitious?  What I lack in knowledge I make up for in enthusiasm when I do choose a team to support.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about what I watched yesterday.  I root for the ones that give me all the feelings.

Take It: Diving & Gymnastics

These are mainly the two events I like to watch during the Olympics, Diving & Gymnastics.  One, I’m fascinated by both.  How do they make their bodies contort like that?!?  Two, there is a Chinese diver that has been to the Olympics 4 other times!  That means she is in her mid to late thirties.  There is also a female gymnast from Uzbekistan that is 41; this is her 7th Olympics.  I am flabbergasted by this!  Don’t most athletes retire from their sport in their early thirties?

I was excited that Italy got the Silver Medal in the Women’s Synchronized Diving (not sure which meter 3 or 10).  It was Tania’s first time to medal, so that was emotional to watch.  I was really hoping they’d beat China, but the Chinese have never lost in this event in the last 5 Olympics.  Gold: China, Silver: Italy, Bronze: Australia  China

The person I’m most excited to see dive is Kassidy Cook.  She is from The Woodlands, TX, which is where I currently live.  I used to babysit two little girls that had swim team practice at the same time as Kassidy had diving practice, so this is truly amazing to see her succeed by just making it to Rio.  Even if she doesn’t medal, she can do no wrong.

Can we all agree that the USA Girls Gymnastics team is bad ass?  Who doesn’t love Simone, Aly, Gabby, Laurie, & Madison?  Loving Simone & Laurie the most.  I really hope Gabby has an outstanding comeback.  She did okay yesterday.  USA

My friend Katy’s mom said something interesting to me on Saturday.  Beth said that the Olympics aren’t what they used to be.  She said they used to be about showcasing unknown athletes with extraordinary talent.  Now it’s all about people we already know, the Michael Phelps & Serena Williams of the Olympics.  I have to say that I somewhat agree with Beth.  While the Olympics made Michael Phelps a household name, I kinda feel like once you’ve been once & medal’d then it’s time to retire & let someone else have a shot.  Many of these athletes seem a bit manufactured.  And, yes I do think they have extraordinary talent, but why hog all the medals?


Leave It: The Olympics being on channels other than NBC.

Last night I turned on my TV to watch RHONJ, & imagine my surprise to find the Olympics on Bravo.  Not cool!  I do realize that NBC owns Bravo, but many of the Bravoholics I know are not so interested in the Olympics.  I want to watch my shows!  olympics on bravo

What are you guys excited to see at the Olympics?

I will be live Tweeting & blogging #BachelorinParadise tonight.  One show doesn’t care about the Olympics!

Kiss Hug,

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