Take It or Leave It: Post 1

Okay y’all, I’m writing this from my hometown of Georgetown, TX.  This weekend is the Red Poppy Festival, & yes we are the poppy capital of Texas.

Any who, this page is dedicated to my favorite & least favorite thing each week, which I’ll post each Saturday.

So with that in mind, my Take It of the week is the Red Poppy Fest.  I come back for this every year, & to visit Mama J.  It is always a blast.  Georgetown has doubled in size since I left, but it still retains its small town atmosphere, which make me all kinds of nostalgic.  For reference, when I graduated high school there was a regular Walmart, 1 high school, & a bowling alley; now there is a Sephora, Target, a movie theater, & 2 high schools.  Growing up in Georgetown, I couldn’t wait to get away from small town living.  Now as an adult I really enjoy going back from time to time.

The Poppy Fest has arts & crafts, food, kettle corn, booze, & live music.   I write this post as we wait for Tracey Lawrence to come on. He was a 90’s favorite for Mama J!   The Red Poppy Festival started when a soldier brought back Red Poppy seeds from his deployment; he planted them in his mother’s yard & the rest, as they say, is history.

My Leave It for the week is rain!  Normally, living in Texas, I am always grateful for rain…we’re in a perpetual drought.  However, living in the Houston area is a different story.  Houston has the worst drainage system I’ve ever encountered & it floods every time it rains.  Why you’d build a city on swamp I have no idea.  The only good thing to come from the #houstonflood is that my office was closed on Monday.  Many houses & schools are under water.  Here are a few pictures taken at the office on Monday.

Remember, “Turn around, don’t drown” is not just a cute phrase!  If you can’t see the curb, don’t drive through it.

Until, next week!

Kiss Hug,


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