Conceal Those Raccoon Eyes

So, I inherited several things from my grandma, Nanny.  I got the Sherman T&A, as we call it in our family, in addition to awesomely thick hair, salt & pepper hair, & dark under eye circles.  Thanks Nanny – you could have kept some of these things!

I came across this concealer, probably on Pinterest or somewhere online.  It was super cheap, so I thought I’d give it a try.  NYX

It works amazingly well!  Color me shocked & pleasantly surprised.  With Without 2

Since it’s the weekend, I tend to wear less makeup…just a little concealer, blush, mascara (my lashes are blonde), & some chap stick.  However, multiple concealers are essential for to fulfill different needs.  I have four that I use regularly – green for blemishes under my BB Cream, NYX for under eye circles, white as a highlighter, & another that reflects light away from less than perfect areas.  I don’t use the highlighter in the typical brow area, but rather on my top lip.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a mustache but I do get a weird shadow from time to time.  Here are my favorite concealers at the moment.  Concealers

One last thing, I tried coconut gel eye treatments for the first time this morning.  I was so impressed!  These came in my POPSUGAR Must Have Mini Box.  LOVED!!!Coconut Eyes

Do y’all have any great tips & tricks?  What’s your favorite concealer?

Kiss Hug,

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