Teddy Bears for Baton Rouge

So my friend, Maureen, lived in New Orleans (her hometown) during Hurricane Katrina.  Maureen is a naturally very giving person, but especially to the state of Louisiana when needed.  As I’m sure many of you know, Baton Rouge has had a tough time lately due to flooding.  21″ of rain fell steadily in less than 24 hours.  You can read about it here: Louisiana – The Skimm

Last night, instead of watching Bachelor In Paradise, I babysat for my some of my favorite 9 & 10 year-olds.  It quickly turned into a sleepover, but instead of playing on their iPads, etc. they opted to do something kind for others.  #Pimpinjoy, if you will.  Teddy Bears made out of towels.

One of Maureen’s friends bought all the towels at Target & TJ Maxx, then promptly gave half to Maureen to assemble.  With my supervision, Abby, Bridget, Ella, & Jadyn made a bajillion teddy bears.  Yes, bajillion is a word.  Maureen’s friend will be delivering the bears this weekend.

Watch the tutorial here: DIY Teddy Bear

Ella was a bear making machine, while it took the rest of us a bit longer to get it.  I blame our perfectionism.  Checkout the girls’ masterpieces: Named Girls

If you are interested in helping, please follow the link.  Help Baton Rouge Flood Victims

Kiss Hug,

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