RHOC: Cast Analysis

Okay y’all, I haven’t done one of these in a while.  Here goes nothing…

First of all, the outfits in this promo picture are horrendous, specifically Meghan.  rhoc

Let’s dive in with the ladies shall we?  Remember this is just my take on the ladies & their antics.  Agree or disagree, but keep it respectful. 🙂  This list is in order of longest on the show to shortest time on the show.

Vicki:  The OG of all the cities, & we can all thank her son Michael for getting her on this show.  Vicki is my least favorite of all the franchises.  She has quite the ego; her head is so big I don’t know how she stands up.  Gretchen was 100% correct when she called Vicki a hypocrite all those seasons ago.  If you were to look up the definition of hypocrite, Vicki’s picture would be next to it.  Vicki seems to have a real problem taking accountability for her actions & deflecting her problems on others, playing the victim card constantly.  However, she loves holding her cast mates to a higher standard & is often mad at them for things she has done herself.

So obviously, I can’t stand her, but I dislike the same “character” in all the cities.  This is the character that always has to be right, can never apologize, & when they do apologize it is insincere or they take it back.  You would recognize this person as Teresa from NJ, Ramona from NY, Kenya/Nene from ATL, & LVP from BH.  I don’t count Dallas & Potomac as they have not had a second season & we haven’t seen their true colors yet.

Tamra:  I vastly prefer Jesus Jugs Tamra to Simon’s Tamra.  Tamra is definitely the shit stirrer, but she apologizes when necessary & means it.  I’ve enjoyed Tamra immensely without the Gretchen drama…or the Simon drama.  Without Simon, there is a lot less Vicki drama as well…go figure.

Heather:  Heather is one of my favorites!  I know many of you disagree & think she’s pretentious…she definitely can be.  Does anyone really need 4 kinds of ice?  However, she brings a certain level of class & intelligence to the OC that I really appreciate.  I think she & Terry realize this fame can be fleeting & are cashing in big – I admire that tenacity & hustle.

Shannon:  In all honesty, I couldn’t stand Shannon her first season – I thought she was a wack-job, but I definitely have enjoyed her since.  She knows how to have fun & whoop it up with or without The OG of the OC.  She’s goofy & weird – all that new age crap is fun to watch.  I love that she’s so into it, but doesn’t actually seem to enjoy it (see cupping).  Let’s be real, we all have a little Shannon in us.  shannon-beador

Meghan:  Okay, I truly think Meghan would have been a one-and-done Housewife, EXCEPT for the fact that she was right about Brooks.  Had that outcome been different, she would have been gone after her first season for sure.  I didn’t mind her last season, but I am not feeling her at all this season.  MKE is stunningly beautiful, but my biggest complaint is that she makes very unfortunate headgear mistakes; whether it’s a really bad hat or headband, must they always have sequins?  She’s too old for this…anyone over the age of 13 is too old for sequins.mkeLet’s not forget the pink hair, if I’m not mistaken it was for a good cause, but it was a very bad Pepto Bismol shade of pink.

Kelly:  Wow-wee Kelly!  She is on the Hot Mess Express as Cameran Eubanks would say, going nowhere fast.  Kelly reminds me so much of “Simon’s Tamra.”  She lashes out & doesn’t know how to control or deal with her anger properly.  Maybe she should take up kickboxing or scream into a pillow?  If Kelly gets a second season, it will be very interesting to see how/if she changes.  She doesn’t really add much value to the show & at this point I wouldn’t even notice if she was gone.

What do you guys think of the RHOC ladies?  Do y’all agree with my analysis of each Housewife?

Kiss Hug,

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