Easy Peasy Card Games

Okay y’all, in my 20+ years of babysitting I have found the best way to entertain kiddos is to play card games with them.  If you don’t have Uno (Old Faithful) or Phase 10 (super fun, but long), then try these games with any old deck of cards.  I find out a lot of info by playing games with kids…they let their guards down & spill the tea.  Here are a couple of my favorites…

Spoons: This one is so easy, that very young kids can play.  If they can hold their cards, know what the numbers are, & spell – then chances are that they can play Spoons.  spoons

  • Requirements:
    • Standard deck of cards (no jokers)
    • 3+ players
    • Spoons, or something to grab (straws, hair brushes, etc.)
  • Object of the Game:
    • Be the first to collect four of a kind & to win enough times to spell SPOONS.
  • How to Play:
    • Each player gets 4 cards.
    • One person is the dealer; the person to the right of the dealer is the “discarder.”  Everyone in between is a passer.
    • There should be one less spoon than there are players.  The spoons should be centrally located so that each player can reach them.
    • So, the dealer passes to their left any card they do not want.  If they keep a card, then you must get rid of one of the cards in your hand – you can only have 4 cards at any given time.
    • The dealer & passers can pass as quickly as they want to; I personally think the faster the more fun.
    • Once you get your 4 Queens (or the card you’re collecting) grab a spoon as ninja-like as possible.  If no one notices – keep playing.  Usually the other players will notice & make a mad dash for the spoons.
  • Winning:
    • The first one to spell SPOONS wins the entire game!


Trash: another game I love to play is Trash (we call is Texas Trash down here).  This one is a little more complicated, but can be explained as you go.  This one is long – 10 rounds.  trash

  • Requirements:
    • Standard deck of cards (no jokers)
    • 2-4 players
  • Object of the Game:
    • Be the first to get to Round 10 & have no card left.
  • How to Play:
    • Deal each player 10 cards & arrange in 2 rows of 5 face down.  The rest of the cards will be the Draw Pile.
      • NOTE: Jacks & Queens are useless, but keep them int he deck.  If you draw a J or Q, you lose that turn.
      • NOTE: Kings are Wild Cards.
    • To win the round, you have to be the first to get from Ace to 10 in order (row 1: Ace – 5, Row 2: 6-10).
    • So, you’ll draw a card from the Draw Pile.  Let’s assume you drew a 4, you would then flip over the card in the “4” spot & put the actual 4 where it should go.  If the card you flipped over is a 2, then you would put it in the “2” spot & flip that card over.  You keep doing this until you a get a repeat card, or a Jack or Queen.  The card that you can’t play goes into a Discard Pile.
      • NOTE: You can also draw from the discard pile when it is your turn.
    • The first person to flip over all their cards & yells “TRASH” wins the round & moves onto 9 cards for the next round.
  • Winning:
    • You keep whittling your amount of cards down, until you only have one card to flip over.  Once you draw/flip that final Ace, you win!

For those that are more visual watch the video here: Trash

What games do y’all like to play?  These games are great for adults too!  If you need to have your kiddos burn off energy, but don’t want to go outside Door Tag is a great option.  door tag.gif

Door Tag: this is a fun game for those that allow running in the house.

  • Requirements:
    • Designated doors (make sure they are sturdy & closed)
    • 3+ people
  • Object of the Game:
    • Don’t get tagged
  • How to Play:
    • As a group designate which doors are safe.
    • One person is it & tries to tag another as they run from door to door.
      • Note: Add a time limit that each person can stay on a door if someone is reluctant to move.

Sardines is a great game too.  It is the opposite of Hide & Seek.  One person hides, as you find them you hide with them.  The last person to find the group is the next person to hide.  This is most fun in a big group.

Let me know if y’all have any fun tips & tricks for entertaining kids & adults alike.

Kiss Hug,

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