Below Deck Recap: Roses Are Red, Roses are Blue

Okay y’all, this will be a short recap…I want to watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown tonight before the debates.

We start the episode with Kate & Ro still grossing everyone out with their PDA.

Captain Lee is still on a rampage against the deck crew.  Can Kelley drive a boat?  It did look windy.  The deck crew took all the toys out for naught – the guests weren’t interested.

Back on the Valor, it’s Valentine’s Day.  Kyle asked Sierra on a date.  Kelley, Nico, & Ben like Emily; Emily likes Ben – he gave her blue roses.  Who knew those existed?  Poor Lauren got “Joey Pottered” again.  The Charter guests are feeling romantic; one couple got engaged.  love

PS – I think Rachel is regretting having yellow nail polish on to take the first pictures of her new engagement ring.

Ben is nervous to make a proposal dinner.  He feels that the fate of her answer rests on his food.  nervous-ben

Kyle, Sierra, Emily, & Kelley go on a double-date, much to Kyle’s dismay.  Nico & Lauren are bummed to stay behind & de-salt those windows.  Five seconds later, Ben asks Emily out to dinner.

All in all, this was a fun episode.  What do y’all think about this season of #BelowDeck?

Kiss Hug,

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