Vanderpump Rules: Cast Analysis

Okay y’all, it’s that time again!  With Vanderpump Rules coming back to our screens Monday, November 7th I thought I’d share my thoughts on our beloved (???) Vandercast.  vandercast

Stassi: The Queen B of the show, much to Scheana’s dismay.  I feel like out of the entire Vandercast, Stassi gets the award for most improved.  She has been through a lot over the last few seasons, & actually seems to have learned a thing or two.  Maybe that comes with age, but wait – what is Jax’s excuse?  Not only is Stassi gorg, she really put in an effort to win her important friendships back (Tom 2 & Katie).  I wish she could get along with Tom 1 better. stassi

Jax: 1) I do not find Jax attractive…too many nose jobs. 2) He is an overgrown frat boy that has yet to learn any lesson from his mistakes. 3) How is he still employed or have any friends left?  He’s screwed over just about all of them.  Like Kristen, he is disrespectful at times, & a classic narcissist.  Maybe he’s more of a masochist – he really seems to get off on the bad attention he gets for being a fuck up.  I have no patience for him.  jx-2

Kristen: Cannot. Stand. Kristen.  She is up there with Vicki Gunvalson & Ramona Singer.  She is boil-your-rabbit crazy.  Not to be cruel, but she is hideous on the inside, which makes her ugly on the outside as well…perhaps it’s all the Botox she’s had???  I honestly don’t understand how she is still on this show?  I guess LVP/Bravo wants the money, & Kristen brings in viewers?  She is the most disrespectful, narcissistic, hateful brat on television.  It irritates me to no end that she cheated on Tom 1 several times (with his friend(s)), yet she blames the demise of their relationship on Ariana & constantly brings it up .  She’s a crazy pants…too bad she never wears any. kristen

Tom Sandoval (Tom 1): He is kinda the voice of reason more often than not.  He tends to look at the big picture & not the bottom line – at least with the guys.  Like most guys, he is a bit obtuse when it comes to what Ariana needs sometimes.  But, I do think his heart is in the right place.  LOVE his bestie friendship with Schwartz. sandoval

Ariana: I adore Ariana!  She is far too mature for this show…unless it’s her 30th birthday.  How she & Scheana are friends, I do not understand…but I digress.  I love her relationship with Sandoval, regardless of how Kristen manages to throw a wrench into things.  Ariana does get a bit of a ‘tude, but usually because Kristen or a Doute sycophant is being unbearable. ariana

Scheana: Ugh, I don’t even know where to start.  Oh, yes I do – lay off the fillers & Botox, please.  I asked nicely, so you should do it. 🙂  Scheana seems like a bit of a lost soul to me & really, really young.  I feel like Scheana has no purpose in life & will work at SUR until the day she dies.  Actually, they probably all will so I shouldn’t single her out.  I really wanted to like her because Brandi Glanville hates her, but I just can’t get on board.  I like her more than Kristen… scheana

Katie: I have a love-hate relationship with Katie.  Loved when she stood up to Stassi; hate that she treated Lala horribly last season for no apparent reason.  Not a huge fan of Tequila Katie either.  Overall, I do like Katie a lot…but I’m still trying to figure her out because she didn’t get a ton of screen time until last season. katie

Tom Schwartz (Tom 2): Schwartz-i-poo is my favorite!!!  I think he is the Shep Rose of this Vanderpump Rules.  He is prolific, yet completely ridiculous.  Don’t get the commitment issues, but I don’t know enough about him pre-Bravo.  Tom 2 is by far the best looking, but is the most humble about it.  Tom 2 makes my heart smile. 🙂  He is smart enough to put LVP in his Top 5. schwartz

Peter, James, Lala, & Britney are the auxiliary cast as far as I’m concerned.  Although, I really liked Lala last season & thought she was a great addition.  I do wish we’d get more of Peter, but I think he is one of the managers at SUR, so it’s probably a no-no for him to associate too much with the main cast as he is their boss(ish).  Britney seems fine enough, but she is associated with Jax so I automatically don’t take her seriously.  Sorry girl…you could do better.  James seems like the male version of Kristen to me.

What do you all think of Vanderpump Rules?  Are you excited about it’s return?  Don’t forget – it comes back next Monday!  Recap will be up by Tuesday.  Also Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday night!  Yea for more sleep!!!

Have a great weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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