What’s Up Wednesday: November Edition


It’s that time again…What’s Up Wednesday Link Up!  I just got to Mama J’s house in Georgetown for all the Thanksgiving festivities.


What I’m eating this week…

I don’t know about y’all, but Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday.  I really only like this food at this time of year, but for me it is ALL about the sides.  Green bean casserole is my go to, but I save a little room for dressing, & other sides. gbc

What I’m reminiscing about…

My dad passed away in 2008, this time of year always makes me miss him more than the usual.

What I’m loving… 

I am LOVING the Kacey Musgraves Christmas album. km

What I’ve been up to…

I took this week off from work as I knew I’d be doing a lot of traveling over the holidays.  It was nice to get a few days to myself (I need this to survive).  I’ve also been dog sitting for the Party Bus Crew.  Last night, I accidentally sneezed on a 14 yo arthritic dog – she got up & moved to the other side of the couch…gave me the cold shoulder.

What I’m dreading…

I always dread the cleaning up after Thanksgiving.

What I’m working on…

I am working on a new beauty routine for 2017.  I’ll be 33 in December, so it’s WAY overdue for me to start taking better care of my face.  I’m going to be trying some home recipes involving baking soda.

What I’m excited about…

I am so, so, so, SOOOOO excited for the Gilmore Girls revival!  November 25th!!!  I realize I am the last person on earth without Netflix, but I subscribed just for GG!  Copper Boom!!! gg

What I’m watching/reading…

I’m watching ALL the Hallmark Christmas movies.  Looks like I’ll need to add in the UP & Lifetime Christmas movies starting next week.

I’m about to start reading Andy Cohen’s new book, Superficial.  I also want to read Lauren Graham’s book that should be coming out next week if not already out.

What I’m listening to…

I’m listening to Christmas music most of the time with the occasional podcast thrown in.  Just heard about Congressional Dish, the host – Jen Briney, deep dives into the inter-workings of Congress.  You can listen to all my Christmas Playlists here.

What I’m wearing…

I’m really digging all the plaid!  Plaid everything!!!

What I’m doing this weekend…

Thursday will be spent in San Antonio with my mom’s family.  This weekend will be spent going to Georgetown’s Lighting of the Square on Friday night.  Saturday will be spent celebrating Mama J’s birthday; Sunday will be driving back to Houston & finishing up my Christmas decorations.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

December is my favorite month!  Obviously Christmas, but my birthday is also on the 14th!

What else is new…

I just discovered a street in The Woodlands that goes all out with Christmas decorations!  I can’t wait to see it all up!lights

I sincerely hope you all have a safe & happy Thanksgiving.

Kiss Hug,

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