VPR Recap: A Very Special Episode of Vanderpump Rules…

This episode had a lot going on, yet not so much… I have a few thoughts about it, of course.

Once again we are still talking about the GD Range Rover.  I love how Sandoval tried to rationalize the different ways Lala could have gotten the SUV. Range Rover.gif

I really struggle with Stassi.  I adore her on her podcast, Straight Up with Stassi.  But, she is kind of a brat & a half on VPR.  There was clearly a Bravo cross-over attempt with the lunch at SUR between Stassi & the twins…new show – Summer House – looks lame.  How rude were the girls (Stassi included) when Scheana asked them to repeat Montauk.  I honestly thought it seemed like Scheana misunderstood them, not that she didn’t know what Montauk was.

Tonight was our first glimpse into possible cracks in the foundation of Ariana & Tom’s relationship.  Please don’t let the only normal relationship go awry!!!  Ariana has decided to create a cocktail book, & Tom tried to steal her thunder.  She was justified in getting annoyed with him, but took it a wee bit far in emasculating him at lunch with Lala.  fight

Okay, so on to possibly the most important thing Bravo has ever aired.  I truly believe that everyone’s reactions to the Orlando tragedy was genuine, some maybe a little more convoluted than others.  What happened was horrible, & I cried again watching VPR learn about the events of that horrific night.  Senseless acts of violence inherently go against everything I stand for.

However, most of the staff decided it was unsafe for them to go into work the day of Gay Pride, & the morning after the Orlando shooting.  This annoyed me to no end.  Orlando was not an excuse to forgo your responsibilities.  They seem to forget that since none of them are LGBTQ, they were not the target.  Their “living in fear” seems a bit contrived.  Do I think they were genuinely upset, saddened, & had all the feels – yes.  I do not begrudge them that, but get your ass to work & support your LGBTQ community.  Lisa reminded us all what a bad ass she is by leading the Parade & supporting the community that supports her.  I was pleasantly surprised when Brittany made Jax go into work – good for her.

Favorite Tweets from the night: s5e6-1s5e6-2s5e6-3s5e6-4

What did y’all think of the episode?

Check back later this week for another Christmas Playlist.  I also post my Christmas Decor Yea’s & Nay’s…I promise!

Kiss Hug,

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