VPR Recap: Diagnoses All Around

I’ve been debating whether or not to write this recap, as I refuse to re-watch last night’s episode to ensure accuracy.  Week after week, I’m left feeling annoyed by the SURvers, angry that I watched in the first place, & disappointed in humanity that these morons (in their 30s BTW) have not evolved past themselves.  Tom’s 1 & 2 & Ariana are typically the exception, as they seem to see the big picture, where as the others see only the bottom line (i.e. themselves).

So, let me see if I understand the fiasco with KKS & Scheana.  LVP asked Ariana to facilitate a conversation/apology between Lala, Scheana, & Katie.  Do I have it right so far?  They all sat down to have a “discussion,” though Katie was completely close minded.  Unpopular opinion – Katie claims Lala has said & done horrible things to her; however, the vast majority have not been on camera, so did they happen?  Back to the scene of all VPR fights, the alley behind SUR, Lala basically said she didn’t understand all the animosity towards her & that she made up the married man story to protect her recent ex-boyfriend.  Katie didn’t buy what she said.  Scheana, on the other hand, apologized ONLY for the gossip she had shared that was untrue.  This pacified Lala, but unbeknownst to her set Tequila Katie off.  horrible

Later on, Katie passed on her version of the conversation to Stassi, which by the way was totally not what happened.  Stassi went off on Scheana via text, & now KKS are against Scheana because she isn’t a “loyal” friend. Maybe these girls need to look up the definition of loyal.  Also, I’m pretty sure loyalty should go both ways, & KKS certainly have no loyalty towards Scheana.  Does anyone else find it sad that Scheana refers to all her friends as “best friends,” yet no one refers to her as their best friend.

This snip it exactly explains what I wish Scheana could articulate: scheana-tweet

Amidst all the drama, Stassi interviewed Jax for her podcast…specifically about cheating.  Jax took a sociopath quiz, & surprising no one he is a sociopath.  Stassi hilariously said that Jax was in good company.
Jax = sociopath (obviously) + narcissist
Kristen = borderline personality disorder (DUH) + narcissist
Katie = anger management issues (YES)
Scheana = hypochondriac (+ masochist)
Ariana = superiority complex
Tom Sandoval = narcissist (disagree, but he is definitely vain)
Stassi = alcoholic (+ narcissist)

Stassi’s assessment of the cast is pretty spot on; however, I think most of the cast have multiple issues.  I guess Tom Schwartz is normal since he wasn’t mentioned?

The overall gist to this episode was that Scheana is a “horrible person” for wanting to get along with her coworkers while at work.  I can’t with this stupidity…

Favorite Tweets of the night: s5e7-1s5e7-2s5e7-3

What did y’all think of last night’s hot mess express?

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Kiss hug,

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