It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year!

It’s finally here…my long awaited, often promised post about Christmas decor!  I have a few hard & fast rules that I try to abide.  I’m most specific about wrapped presents, but we’ll get to that later.

Here are some tips & tricks that guide my decorating:

  1. I think it’s super cool, but expensive, to replace all your normal decor with holiday decor.  But, if you can afford it -go for it!  However, if you’re like me & on a budget – just replace a few key components with festive holiday gear.  I’m also a fan of homemade decor if you’re crafty.
  2. Find your one symbolic holiday item & go nuts!  I have a few: snowflakes, moose/reindeer/antlers, Christmas trees, & gingerbread everything.
  3. I’m a really big fan of being extra generous in any way I can this time of year.  I really try to pruchase locally made gifts or to make something myself.  I also really like to buy gifts from charities or that give back to charity, or both when you can find it!
  4. Okay, my biggest pet peeve – wrapped gifts!  Unless it’s alcohol or a super unusual shape, do NOT put the gift in a bag.  Your wrapped gifts should have crisp edges with a handmade bow (no store bought bows in my house).  If you can’t figure out how to make a bow – Google it – by a roll of pompoms & simply wrap it around the gift a few times.  Yarn is also a super inexpensive & charming alternative to a store bought bow.  Super festive, cute, & easy!
  5. I love outdoor lights, but struggle to put them up myself…shortness & laziness are big factors.  Just make sure the lights are straight.  No inflatables in the yard, please!
  6. One of my weird Casey-isms is that I am very strict about acceptable colors during the season.  Green, red, white, silver, & gold are the only colors I allow.  Very traditional.  Also anything plaid doesn’t hurt my feelings. 🙂
  7. Last but not least, all decorating should be done while listening to Christmas music or having a Hallmark movie on the TV.

Here are some pictures of my house.

The stocking in my chair is from my childhood.  Mama J tried to get rid of it when I went off to college; it was quickly saved from a certain purgatory, & now I put it out at my home even though I don’t have a fireplace.  We have another fun tradition in my family…my birthday is on December 14th, so for my birthday every year I get a Christmas ornament for my tree. 🙂  This year was a copper mama moose with her silver baby; my mom got it at The Escape in Georgetown.

This year Mama J & I will be heading to my Dad’s side of the family for Christmas Day lunch.  Then on Monday, we’ll head over to my mom’s side of the family for Christmas brunch.  Our gift exchange theme this year is “something recommended to you.”

What about y’all?  Do you have anything fun planned?

Next week will be the last Holiday playlist of the year…whah, whah.

Kiss Hug,

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